WD rolls out its new personal cloud storage solution ‘My Cloud Home’

Western Digital Corporation launched its personal cloud storage solution My Cloud Home. With the My Cloud Home solution, consumers can easily aggregate all their photos, videos and files from their smart phones, computers, USB storage, cloud and social media accounts in one central place. My Cloud Home solution to be set to automatically and continuously copy all user content from their smart phone and computer devices. Files from USB flash drives, external hard drives and memory cards (via a USB adapter) can be imported via its USB port. The My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo solutions are protected by a two-year limited warranty.


With the My Cloud Home mobile app users are empowered to share, access and enjoy all their content from anywhere in the world with internet access. The My Cloud Home mobile app is also capable of managing the My Cloud Home solution to add services, users or even make sure the system is updated with the latest software.

Additionally, for creative content warriors who may need more storage to house their digital library, there is a dual-drive personal cloud option. The My Cloud Home Duo solution provides all the functionality of the My Cloud Home solution plus a dual-drive configuration set to Mirror Mode (RAID 1) to automatically duplicate content onto a second drive for extra peace of mind. 


My Cloud Home My Cloud Home Duo
2TB Rs 11999 4TB Rs 25800
3TB Rs 13230   8TB Rs 31900
4TB Rs 14725 12TB Rs 42100
6TB Rs 20050  16 TB Rs 52250 
8TB Rs 25150  


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