Fujitsu Radically Simplifies Backup and Archive Solutions

Munich, November 10, 2015: Fujitsu today radically simplifies backup and archive solutions for companies of all sizes with the introduction of the new generation of FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS appliances. Time and hassle are saved by using a ready-to-use appliance, reducing both overall costs and reliance on internal resources, not to mention mitigating the risks associated with missed backups, failure to restart after a disaster, or corruption of sensitive data due to inexpert handling.

In today’s fast-moving, information-intensive business environment, data protection is more of a challenge than ever. Struggling with the complexity, only half of all SMBs are thought to do daily backups, and between 25-45 percent of them aren’t able to reopen after a disaster.

According to Bernhard Brandwitte, Vice President Global Storage Business at Fujitsu: “Data protection is a challenge for all companies because it is traditionally complex, time-consuming and expensive. Relying on manual processes and scripts, or ad hoc piecemeal automation, is not sustainable over the longer term, especially not for smaller organizations and mid-market customers that have fewer dedicated IT resources or in-house expertise. Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS appliances overcome these challenges as they make data protection simple, flexible and easier to deploy for companies of all sizes. Customers benefit from turnkey appliances that are fast, cost efficient and easy to use.”

The ETERNUS CS storage systems are optimized for an easy backup to disk, featuring data deduplication to save disk capacity and replication, and to keep backup services running once a system is failing. Whereas the ETERNUS CS200c includes industry-leading Commvault software, the ETERNUS CS800 is built for customers that are already deploying one or multiple backup suites.

Veerle Limbos, Vice President Global Channel Business: “With its ‘New Horizons’ channel initiative, Fujitsu is making it easier than ever for its SELECT Expert Data Protection partners to meet the needs of their customers and drive profitable business. More and more companies are choosing appliances to protect and recover data and applications. This is a growth market and Fujitsu is enabling its channel partners to benefit from this customer demand. The initiative includes a full set of awareness- and demand-generation activities, as well as price promotions and access to demo systems.”

For those facing the quandaries of how to save disk capacity with deduplication, setting up replication scenarios or reducing costs by integrating smart use of tape, the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS800 S6 data protection appliance combines fast backup and restore from disk with advanced deduplication technology for small and midsized environments and secures replication while drastically reducing complexity.

Highlights of the new generation of ETERNUS CS800 include support of Veritas NetBackup Accelerator for faster backup, drastically reduced load on the network, and easier Service Level Agreement fulfillment. Improvements for VMware backup and recovery mean less hardware is needed, not to mention lower VMware licensing costs. Importantly, it is now possible to restore single files, folders, databases and applications rather than waste time and effort restoring the whole virtual machines as competing systems more often require. The entry model is now extendible from 8 to up to 120 TB – this means five times more scalability in capacity for the cost-optimized entry model, while the scale model now reaches 352 TB net usage capacity.

In comparison, the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c S2 integrated backup appliance integrates powerful Fujitsu system technology and industry leading Commvault software. This all-in-one backup and archiving solution enables a fast and hassle-free setup of a comprehensive data protection environment. The new generation of ETERNUS CS200c Powered by Commvault now supports cloud backup for 20+ cloud storage platforms. A broad range of cost- and performance-optimized models with flexible licensing options give the customer freedom of choice and meet their varying needs. Improved automation also relieves project administrators.

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