LoginRadius Joins Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

LoginRadius announced their membership with Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). CSA is a not-for-profit organization that attracts a diverse and extensive network of 80,000 cybersecurity experts. CSA’s activities, knowledge, and global platform provide members with tools for creating and maintaining a robust and trusted cloud ecosystem.

“CSA is a think tank for the most innovative cloud-security experts in the world, such as Symantec and Microsoft,” said LoginRadius CTO and co-founder Deepak Gupta. “We’re excited to share our expertise in security technology with other industry leaders, especially when it comes to improving user best practices for security.”

The importance of user security is amplified in Gartner’s list of Risk Management Trends for 2019. Trend #6 predicts that the majority of cloud security issues will stem from customers through 2023. According to Mr Gupta: “At LoginRadius, we’re 100% committed to providing technological and practical solutions to lower that risk.”

Jim Reavis, CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance sums up membership: “CSA acts as the catalyst for bringing great minds together so they can inspire each other, reach their goals, and give back to the cloud community. We’re excited to count LoginRadius as a member.”

On October 8, Deepak was a guest on the CSA Security Update podcast, hosted by John DiMaria. Mr Gupta describes the podcast as “…a vital discussion on cybersecurity issues and innovations that impact the world.”

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