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IBM-Client-Centre-in-DelhiNew Delhi, India, October 6, 2015: Today, cloud is a way to deliver any technology or business process as a digital service. Very simply, Cloud is upending the industry. It has unleashed the next wave of innovation in the world. Over the last couple of years, businesses of any size have realized the benefits of adopting a cloud computing approach. Cloud adoption is largely governed by the workload one wants to migrate to the cloud.

Large enterprises, midsized companies to even start ups are moving toward an infrastructure that is optimized and responsive to help them meet new business demands. By offering a scalable infrastructure and capabilities available as services, cloud computing models enable companies to realize a more dynamic infrastructure, one that can satisfy resource demands when and where they arise. Cloud models also help businesses become more nimble and work smarter through more agile and cost-effective access to technology and information.

India’s ecosystem, which includes start-ups, System Integrators, Independent Software Vendors, Developers, Academia, etc; is amongst the largest in the world and IBM is investing heavily in nurturing innovation across this ecosystem.

IBM offers tailor made solutions to cater to the needs of SMBs, start-ups and developers which constitute a huge portion of the cloud market. As per a report from Evans Data Corp, India is slated to have the largest developer community in the world by year 2019. The report further goes on to state that the number of developers is expected to grow to 26.4M by 2016 and the percentage of developers expected to develop in the cloud will grow by 44% to 12.5M by 2019.

IBM Cloud 

A truly valuable cloud environment is a marriage of a company’s existing infrastructure/IT investments (systems of record) as well as new cloud workloads driven by trends such as the rise of data, mobile and social.

Over the last few years, IBM has been consistently focused on building out an unmatched cloud portfolio on open standards with deep industry expertise in higher value software and services, driving continued innovation with over $6 billion in R&D investment each year. As enterprises increase the adoption of cloud based consumption of IT, they will have a need for an integrated and secure view of IT across on premise, off premise infrastructures and applications. IBM helps customers create this hybrid environment with the needed backend integration and governance model and all based on open standard like open stack.

In pursuit of creating the best suite of solution for customers, IBM invested $7 billion in building a high value cloud portfolio. With a strong portfolio at every level of cloud – SoftLayer at the infrastructure level and Bluemix, the platform-as-a-service – IBM is now uniquely positioned to serve Indian enterprises with the best-of-breed cloud solutions, depending on varied business requirements.

IBM’s strategic focus and key investments in cloud both locally and globally, has ushered in the “IBM as a service” era. Given IBM’s deep understanding of enterprises of all sizes, we will continue to bring relevant cloud offerings to the marketplace. 


SoftLayer is the foundation of IBM’s cloud portfolio. Since acquiring SoftLayer in the middle of 2013, IBM clients are turning to SoftLayer for higher performance, security and open standards — a global cloud services infrastructure capable of delivering applications across multiple continents and thousands of users within a span of few hours.

From bare metal servers to hybrid cloud, SoftLayer offers a wide variety of options for customers to choose from. 


Founded on Cloud Foundry and open standards, Bluemix provides developers the ability to quickly build hybrid cloud applications by integrating systems of record, such as transactional or inventory data, and systems of engagement such as new mobile and social apps – in a secure, reliable, fast and trusted manner.

Bluemix enable developers to turn their ideas into shipped products fast and lower their time-to-market. By eliminating complexity, Bluemix cuts application development and deployment times from months to days and hours.

IBM is continually building a powerful line-up of developer services focused on mobile, web apps, integration, DevOps and data management. In addition, suites of business applications (SaaS) as composable API based services, such as Watson, commerce, security, marketing and others will be available to enhance the capabilities of the app being built. As an example, using Bluemix, developers can leverage middleware services  to build a new sales app that provides retail associates with secure access to inventory management information from systems of record at the time of customer engagement.

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