Creativity reigns at Knowlarity Hackathon in Bangalore

Bangalore, India, January 21 2015: Knowlarity Communications, Asia’s leading cloud telephony company, conducted a 24-hour hackathon in Bangalore on January 18 together with Venturesity, a recruiting platform company. Developers were invited to create mobile or web apps integrating the recently launched Knowlarity API network, working on the Knowlus platform. The event was a success with over 250 registered entries seeing coders travelling from Mysore, Chennai and Hyderabad.


Developers looked to create applications on the Knowlus platform using the Knowlus APIs. They further had access to the IVR studio, (a drag and drop tool that can be used to create complex, custom call flows) which allowed them to integrate features into their applications.

Developers not only used the Knowlus APIs for basic apps but were also able to create really complex multi-level IVRs. Some went as far as to integrate the platform with speech-to-text APIs, Aadhar card payment systems and foursquare APIs. The final app count at the end stood at 17 fully functional apps and 5 apps further in the pipeline.

Some of the winning apps included a blood donation helpline which sends out messages and calls to all the contacts in the users’ list when there is a need for a blood donor. This can further be promoted by all the recipients. The fully functional app which has potential for immediate release has viral potential to it as it propagates through the phone book of each recipient.

The other innovative apps were 

  • A feedback system for any service wherein a call is made from within the app to customers to rate any service (between 1 to 5). If the rating is low, the customer receives another call for a detailed feedback. 
  • A vaccination reminder which parents of newborn babies can access and call to get details of the next vaccine to be administered and the due date based on date of birth of their child. 
  • A Server Monitoring application which automatically initiates a call conference inviting relevant members of the developers team when the threshold level of a certain monitoring parameter is breached in the server. 

According to Bipul Parua, CTO of Knowlarity, “This has been a groundbreaking weekend for us. With the Knowlus platform finally open to the world, we look forward to scaling our technology and our team. The response we received to the hackathon was stupendous, resulting in some very creative and innovative ideas and apps. With IVRs gaining popularity, we look forward to hosting similar initiatives in the future to harness the creativity and power of IVR technology.”   

Prashant Koirala, co-founder of Venturesity, stated, “The number and nature of applications created at the Knowlarity hackathon were far better than any we have seen so far. The Knowlarity IVR has a lot of social impact, offering immense opportunity for the birth of great ideas and apps.” 

Venturesity has been conducting hackathons for leading funded startups, ecommerce and product companies and has previously found talent for positions such as full stack, mobile, big data and mobility developers through hackathons. In addition to being designed as a hiring activity, the Knowlarity hackathon was also an opportunity for developers to network with each other, showcase their skills and gain recognition.

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