Zoho Doc Scanner launches text recognition in 12 Indian Languages

Zoho Doc Scanner is launching text recognition in 12 Indian languages on August 15. The app will be able to recognize text in Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Punjabi, and Sanskrit.

For the Indian users, the data is processed in Zoho’s India data centres; the data is not stored with the company. Zoho has strong privacy policies, which the users of Doc Scanner will inherit. The company recently removed all third-party trackers from its website.

In the wake of the government banning Chinese apps, including CamScanner, Zoho has made the paid plan of DocScanner free for Indian users for a year.

In its free version, Zoho Doc Scanner has following features: unlimited scans, reminders, secure documents, OCR, export as text and search through documents, unlimited workflows, annotate documents, add tags and Zia (Zoho’s AI assistant) tag suggestions, apply image filters, doc scanner web, auto upload documents, read documents, create folders, export to cloud services and themes.

Doc Scanner also offers backup and restore feature, translation, and e-signing of up to 10 documents in its paid plan.

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