Veeam takes big step forward with Google in their first Collaboration

As evidenced in this year’s 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant, Google Cloud has quickly ascended as one of the top three hyperscale providers on the market. Today, Veeam has announced an exciting new partnership with Google. Veeam is one of the founding partners for Google Cloud VMware Engine, a fully native, first-party solution for customers to run applications on VMware Cloud Foundation in Google Cloud. The solution is a fully compliant and certified full-stack cloud infrastructure sold and supported by Google Cloud. Customers can deploy VMware vSphere-based workloads, natively, in a dedicated SDDC on Google Cloud and utilize the same applications, tools, processes and policies you use today with no changes. 

The new solution with GVE puts us in a unique position of providing the most simple, flexible and reliable data protection solution for protecting the workloads, whether they run on-premises, in the cloud or in the hybrid cloud. 

Benefits of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including: 

  1. Accelerated cloud migration. Customers infrastructures on-premises will mirror infrastructures in GCP, accelerating the adoption of hybrid cloud platforms when both infrastructures are mirrored within one another.
  2. Simplified operations. This is a huge benefit for customers as it supports the rapid adoption of infrastructure in a cloud platform, making it possible to scale out operations quickly and simply. This isn’t just an operations simplification but also a consumption-based simplification, down to the billing association. 
  3. A more agile business with effective disaster recovery. The identical infrastructures within GCP will turn on and react in the event of a disaster, eliminating the need for constant maintenance and the high costs associated with it.

Additionally, customers who have Veeam Universal Licensing on-premises will be able to shift existing licensing directly to GCP, whether they run VMware run on-premises or via GVE. This portability continues to be a unique value-add for Veeam customers, further simplifying their technology decisions and future-proofing their businesses, all while lowering costs. 

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