InsideView announces its InsideView Tech Profiler

InsideView has announced the launch of InsideView Tech Profiler, an add-on solution to its industry-leading market intelligence platform that provides information about technologies used by companies and decision makers. Tech Profiler allows B2B technology sales and marketing teams to focus valuable time and resources on targeting the right prospects based on the technologies they use. Tech Profiler is integrated directly into InsideView Sales and InsideView Target, and offered as an API for custom integrations, to help customers work more efficiently and effectively.

“We are thrilled to launch Tech Profiler and are eager to see our Indian clients and prospects making the most of this new feature added to InsideView’s Market Intelligence Platform”, said Sesha Rao, MD, InsideView, India.

“Adding technology information to our market intelligence platform gives technology sellers and marketers deeper insight into their prospects,” said Jenny Cheng, chief product officer at InsideView. “Tech Profiler has ten times the coverage of other technology profile solutions in the industry. Add that to all the other firmographic and demographic data plus the social insights InsideView offers and the result is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone selling technology to businesses. It’s all the intelligence you need in one platform.”

Intelligence on the technologies used by a company can give technology vendors a significant advantage. Many companies sell products that are complementary to other technologies, or that even require those technologies to run. Marketers and sellers can spend hours or days researching the technologies used by a prospect but often the information is difficult or impossible to find. Tech Profiler allows a company to focus only on prospects that use the technology and stop wasting time chasing prospects that don’t. On the competitive front, companies can leverage Tech Profiler to run campaigns targeted directly at users of their competitors’ products.

“Tech Profiler shows us which technologies, such as CRM, our prospects are using, so we can walk into sales calls prepared and proactive,” said Tracy Kinsey, Dynamics CRM Online Territory Manager at Microsoft. “It’s the difference between targeting the best prospects versus spending the time prospecting in the dark”, she added.

Tech Profiler is InsideView’s first vertical add-on solution to its market intelligence platform, offering specialized data for the technology vertical market that is curated by InsideView’s proprietary MTV methodology which gathers, triangulates, and validates data from multiple sources. The solution shows sellers and marketers the technologies used by a company, including 2100 front-end and back-end technologies spanning more than 100 tech categories and growing. Tech Profiler delivers 10 times broader coverage than other technology datasets on the market, with more than 525,000 company profiles and millions of decision-maker profiles. Tech Profiler is the only solution integrated into a comprehensive market intelligence platform, InsideView, which is also integrated into all leading CRM systems and marketing automation platforms.

“We needed tech profiles that cover the range from small to large enterprises and InsideView has the broadest coverage on the market,” said Yasser Said, Vice President Global Sales Operations at Informatica. “What’s more, our sales teams love that it’s part of the InsideView Sales platform, so everything they need for pre-call research is in one place.  And I like the simplicity and reasonable cost of the solution for our organization!”, he added.

Technology intelligence is valuable for many uses, so Tech Profiler is available in three InsideView products.

  • Sellers can leverage Tech Profiler within InsideView Sales account profiles, while doing pre-call research, to see the technologies a company uses.
  • Marketers can enhance their target lists using Tech Profiler within InsideView Target, which now offers a Technology filter for building tech-smart lists.
  • Sales and marketing application developers looking to further differentiate their solutions can integrate Tech Profiler’s data through InsideView APIs. News Service

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