C-Zentrix launches its Customer Engagement Solutions, ‘TrixChat’ and ‘Zenbot’

C-Zentrix announced the launch of two new products in its Customer Engagement Solutions portfolio, ‘TrixChat’ and ‘ZenBot’. The newly launched solutions would help the customers of C-Zentrix across verticals to stay in touch with their end-customers 24×7. These products are expected to revolutionize the customer service industry with the automation they bring. According to the market study, by the year 2020, the global live chat software market, growing at a CAGR of almost 8% and expected to reach $819.2 million. Chatbot market is predicted to expand at a resounding CAGR of 27.8% by revenue, from 2016 to 2024. By the end of 2024, the global chatbot market is expected to reach $994.5 million.

Features of TrixChat:

The state-of-art cloud based chat software allows the end users to connect with agents over web and mobile apps. It helps in instant transfer of files/documents to the end-customers over the chat and vice-versa. It has unique ‘Chat Barge’ feature that helps the line managers to monitor or assist agents. It has the provision of connecting up to 6 end users with a single agent over chat. The chat can be transferred to a different agent or another agent can be invited over a chat conference. The agents can have canned messages to facilitate the interactions with end-customers. This solution will help in significant utilisation of agents and reduction of CAPEX and OPEX for the businesses.

Features of ZenBot:

The unique chatbot would help the businesses in creating a flow based responses. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) based response is very close to live agent experience as it has the ability to understand the context, grammar and semantics. This would also help the agents in getting instant answers to the queries and in First Call Resolution.  Users can easily switch from bot to live agent. ZenBot has been designed to be easily integrated with third party chat and has the feature of advance reporting – bot interaction history, reports of all unanswered questions to make the bot intelligent.

According to Saket Setu, CEO &Co-Founder, C-Zentrix, “We are expecting that the launch of TrixChat and ZenBot is set to redefine the customer service industry. We at C-Zentrix always try to build cutting-edge technologies for intelligent customer service. In pursuit of this excellence, we are proud to launch our two revolutionary products and help our customers in interacting with their key prospects& customers significantly.”

With the introduction and addition of ‘TrixChat’ and ‘ZenBot’ into the wide product portfolio, C-Zentrix is making sure that all the  customised Customer Engagement Solutions –  C-Zentrix Contact Center, C-Zentrix Applications, C-Zentrix Trouble Ticketing, C-Zentrix Lead Management , C-Zentrix Conferencing Bridge , C-Zentrix Robo Call Solution , C-Zentrix Missed Call Solution , C-Zentrix Screen Logger  are available under one roof for its customers.

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