Build chatbots in minutes without coding

Gupshup announced the launch of Flow and Template Bot Builders, two new development tools that make chatbot building easy for anyone regardless of their technical skills. Available on, the Bot Builder tools unleash the power of chatbots using simple drag-and-drop tools and pre-selected menus. Combined with its existing IDE Bot Builder (a tool for technical developers), Gupshup’s Bot Builder suite of products now becomes the first comprehensive bot platform that caters to everyone from enterprises and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to individual bot fans across the globe.

With over 250 million smartphones, India is the second biggest market for smartphones after China. Also, Indian users spend most of their time on the internet on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Telegram. That’s why having a bot strategy is crucial for any brand in India. While tech savvy brands like Meru, Voonik, Naaptol and large consumer and BFSI brands like Pizza Hut and Kotak Mahindra Bank have taken a lead in bot creation, SME’s often find themselves handicapped when it comes to building bots. These code-free bot building tools by Gupshup are going to be extremely beneficial not only for such SMEs and entrepreneurs but also for individual BOT enthusiasts.

Flow Bot Builder takes the pain out of building a chatbot by making the process entirely code free. Using a graphical, easy-to-use, web-based interface, users simply design the conversational flow for the bot. For example, a business analyst can quickly define the navigation flow with a series of menu choices. Flow Bot Builder makes it simple to create a variety of engaging chat bots, from informative to entertaining, without entering a single line of code.

The Template Bot Builder gives entrepreneurs and small business owners the ability to capitalize on the exponential growth of chatbots using pre-defined templates that are fully customizable to fit their audience and brand. For example, a restaurant owner can use a pre-defined bot template that already has food browsing and ordering functionality coded in it. Business owners can go from idea to launch with the push of a button in as little as a few minutes. From e-commerce to order management/fulfillment, Template Bot Builder offers the chatbot functionality that SMBs need to build and increase customer engagement across mobile platforms.

“Chatbots once required an advanced level of IT knowledge in order to build something that was both fun and functional for the end user,” said Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup. “Our goal is to make it fast and easy for bot builders to make engaging and advanced bots irrespective of their technical skills”.

According to industry analysts, the value of the global chatbot market has reached over $88M US and is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade.  Gupshup has been at the forefront of the explosive growth driving the chatbot movement, providing the development tools and industry expertise that over 30,000 businesses worldwide have come to rely on including Sage Software, Barclays and Cisco Systems. News Service

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