BMC launches new and enhanced Digital Enterprise Management IT solutions

Mumbai, India, September 22, 2015: BMC, a player in software solutions for IT, has announced the next wave of new and enhanced Digital Enterprise Management IT solutions. This next wave of solutions include offerings to discover valuable insights into digital service performance, improve employee productivity, reduce security vulnerabilities and decrease the costs associated with maintaining mainframe infrastructure.

“With Digital Enterprise Management, BMC is providing a clear path to successfully manage this digital transformation. Our six new innovative solutions enable companies to delight customers and empower employees with digital services that do not compromise data security or bust the IT budget,” said BMC CEO Bob Beauchamp. “From the mainframe to mobile to the cloud, our solutions allow companies to improve the speed and lower the cost of digital service development, deployment, operation and maintenance.”

The new and enhanced solutions include:

  • TrueSight Intelligence: Improves business decision-making and innovation with high-volume IT operation, technical and business data analysis tools that deliver actionable real-time insights into digital service performance.
  • MyIT Service Broker: Boosts employee productivity and reduces unauthorized IT activity with a digital service app store that aggregates, manages, delivers and analyzes hardware, software and services in a unified catalog.
  • HR Case Management: Streamlines HR processes and improves employee satisfaction with a digital service that includes 350 prebuilt HR process templates, embedded HR best practices and intuitive HR self-service apps.
  • BladeLogic 8.7 Intelligent Compliance: Strengthens digital service security with new features that decrease vulnerability response times, improve regulatory compliance and reduce security audit times.
  • Mainframe MLC Cost Management: Reduces costs associated with maintaining mainframe infrastructure by lowering mainframe monthly licensing charge (MLC) software charges.
  • Control M9: Lowers IT administration time, reduces the risk of business interruption and speeds digital service deployment with new application workflow automation features, including automated agent and client deployment for faster upgrades and maintenance, a global calendar and a 24/7 high availability fail over capability for better application reliability.

“Companies today realize they must adopt a digital-first business strategy, as they look to grow their business, seek new revenue streams and expand into new markets,” said BMC executive vice president Paul Appleby. “BMC’s solutions provide companies with the tools they need to execute their strategies, use the Internet of Things, big data and other technologies to digitally transform almost every aspect of their internal operations and strengthen their customer relationships.”

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