BMC Announces Discovery- Solution for IT discovery and dependency mapping

BMC has announced BMC Discovery, a comprehensive solution for IT discovery and dependency mapping, which is essential for meeting automation requirements, compliance regulations, and improving the ability to respond to security threats. BMC Discovery builds on the significant market success of BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependence Mapping (ADDM) by delivering the new unique capability to map an application from any related piece of information, giving IT organizations critical visibility to understand how their responsibilities impact the business. With BMC Discovery, IT can link business applications, infrastructure and software in minutes to create an optimized and more agile data center.

Today’s enterprise data centers are going through a transformation that focuses on optimizing existing assets while continuing to remain lean, secure, and agile. Using BMC Discovery, IT can optimize storage space, recycle virtual machines, and remove unused hardware and software. To remain secure and compliant, IT benefits from an accurate inventory of its infrastructure, identifying idle or outdated servers that could be back door entry points to threats while also discovering how these threats impact the business. BMC Discovery provides a solid understanding of current applications and how they support the business, which is vital to agile change management. In short, BMC Discovery becomes the backbone of Digital Enterprises.

‘Start anywhere’ application mapping, unique to BMC Discovery, allows users to map an application based on any piece of information known about it. This gives critical insight to administrators for network, storage, applications, server, and other IT functions about how their configuration changes affect the business. BMC Discovery becomes a trusted, single source of dependency for all IT lines of business.

“We have hundreds of customers who have been using ADDM for application discovery and dependency mapping, and the new ‘start anywhere’ capabilities presented the perfect opportunity to rebrand our solution as BMC Discovery,” said Gavin Selkirk, President, Asia Pacific at BMC. “Our customers are able to more quickly and efficiently understand what assets they have and how those assets link to the business. BMC Discovery and the actionable intelligence gained from it become the foundation of managing the new digital enterprise.”

A February 2016 IDC white paper titled, “The Business Value of BMC Discovery Software,” surveyed enterprise BMC Discovery customers and revealed annual average savings per organization were $4.5 million. BMC Discovery also delivered a 470 percent return on investment in five years with an eight month payback. BMC Discovery customers spend 43 percent less time preparing for software audits by carrying out more frequent automated audits rather than waiting until they are due. They also realized time savings in configuration management (19 percent), asset management (14 percent), change management (11 percent) and incident management (8 percent).

“Our research reveals the IT management challenges that are drowning data centers, creating inefficiencies while risks and costs increase,” said Robert Young, research director, IT Service Management and Client Virtualization Software at IDC. “Furthermore, executives want to understand the compliance and security risks facing the organization, and what solutions will help them better understand their data center environments and deliver value to the business.”

According to one customer quoted in the IDC report, “We’ve been able to focus more on proactive and preventative measures with ADDM [BMC Discovery]. Rather than reacting to issues after they happen, we can pull things forward that we know are going to be a problem and have the runway to be able to complete project work.”

“BMC Discovery is one of the most important sources of truth for our configuration management database,” said Damir Suban, ITSM team lead at mStart. “It gives us the exact status of our IT infrastructure and applications, helps us increase operational efficiencies in Incident, Problem, Change and Asset Management processes, and dramatically reduces the time required for creating service models.”

“The dependency mapping capabilities of BMC Discovery show us how maintenance on one server might affect other servers,” said Mike Hoover, client server analyst at Windstream. “That visibility helps us handle maintenance within a very tight window so that critical systems are always available when our employees need them.”

BMC Discovery is a lightweight software appliance that gets monthly content updates. It is easy to deploy, and benefits are immediate through embedded analytics. BMC Discovery offers predictable and transparent pricing, either perpetual or through subscription. News Service

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