Zoho Expands Free Edition of Zoho CRM to Ten Users For Businesses

zoho-logoChennai, India, January 22, 2015: Zoho today expanded Zoho CRM Free Edition by packing it with new features and making it available for up to 10 users, as it celebrates 10 years of the product launch.

Last year, Zoho had launched Zoho.in, a suite of applications for companies to run their entire business on Zoho. Indian businesses could register a free .in or .co.in domain, create unlimited websites using a flexible website creation application in Zoho Sites, have upto 25 free email addresses in Zoho Mail, and share and collaborate on documents in Office suite apps in Zoho Docs with unlimited users. The increase in number of free users in CRM, is the latest expansion of its free offerings.

“Over the past decade, CRM software has become one of the most critical applications for businesses of all sizes. Yet, the majority of CRM solutions do not meet the price or ease-of-use requirements of many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs),” said Zoho Evangelist Raju Vegesna. “To fill this gap, 10 years ago, Zoho launched Zoho CRM Free Edition, which offered a feature-rich CRM for up to three users free. Today, we renewed our commitment to SMBs by expanding the Free Edition to an unprecedented 10 free users.”

In addition, Zoho has increased the features in CRM Free Edition, providing a powerful experience for the users. The new features include:

  • A document management module to safely share proposals, competitive analysis and other sales collateral
  • Security administration capabilities to set profiles, roles and permissions
  • Support for up to 25,000 customer records
  • Seamless integration with other Zoho business apps like Campaigns, Support, SalesIQ, Reports, Survey and Projects 

“Most customers are cynical of so-called free products because they assume there has to be a catch. But, Zoho’s commitment to free is real and enduring. In fact, we recently strengthened our free editions for Zoho Mail, Zoho Sites, and Zoho Connect,” added Vegesna. “And, unlike bait-and-switch free offerings, Zoho’s free editions are developed with the same craftsmanship as our enterprise editions.”

The Zoho.in package is exclusive to the Indian businesses. The mobile applications in the package include Zoho Mail, Zoho Docs, Zoho Writer and Taskz, and these are available on both iOS and Android.


Zoho CRM’s 10-user Free Edition is available immediately. Existing Zoho CRM users currently using the Free Edition will automatically be upgraded to the 10-user free plan.

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