What Does Trilateral 5G Scheme Mean for India’s Online Casino Industry?

What Does Trilateral 5G Scheme Mean for India's Online Casino Industry? 1

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India, Israel, and the USA have entered a trilateral tech agreement to begin working towards the development of an even better system of internet. The collaboration is in the emerging technologies sector, which will include a transparent and secure 5G network, according to a spokesperson. Beginning with Modi’s Israel trip in July 2017, the ongoing collaboration hopes to be the start of a fruitful relationship, according to the USA’s Agency for International Development. The US already dominate with Silicon Valley, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, so the move shows a real focus towards digital mastery for India, who is attempting to level up in that field. But what does this mean for the average Indian citizen when it comes to online activities – especially when it concerns the growing industry of online casino?

How Is the Online Casino Industry Set to Benefit from Tech Growth?

The online casino industry is growing in popularity in India and a stronger, more open and transparent internet connection would help ensure it continues to thrive. Emerging technologies relating to boosting the internet can also help ensure mobile gameplay is as seamless as desktop play is by installing better internet hardware for players who use smartphones. Many of the games on offer at https://games.paddypower.com/, for instance, have also been optimized for mobile play, with an app available for those who want to engage that way.

This shows that there is an appetite for mobile play, so enhancing technology for those who want to engage on smartphones is a good idea for the industry. Moreover, a safer connection would give players peace of mind, especially when entering sensitive financial information. One of the bigger concerns in the past decade has been over sensitivity of information online, especially financial information. So developing technology that aids this, such as better encryption, could help the online casino industry too.

A better internet connection would also improve the ability to offer a wide range of payment methods – which currently range from bank transfer to e-wallets, which some people choose for the enhanced security. Indeed, online casino users currently have a wide range of payment options, many of which include internet-focused methods. Digital payment methods are another growing sector in India, so together, the two industries are set to benefit from any agreement to enhance digital capabilities.

What Does Trilateral 5G Scheme Mean for India's Online Casino Industry? 2

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What About Other Industries?

Streaming services such as Netflix are also increasing in popularity in India and will likely continue to do so if internet connectivity and 5G capability increase. Viewership for Netflix in India has increased in 2020, in part due to the mobile-only subscription plan, which shows the company is following their audience and offering them something that benefits the primary way in which they watch it, through mobile devices.

As mobile devices are a clear frontrunner for Indians engaging with streaming services, the trilateral scheme could help ensure there is no lag or no delays when watching out of the house. Indeed, those who have chosen the mobile Netflix package may be more likely to explore more streaming platforms if they are delivered a better service when using them. By normalizing using mobiles for many different things, technology will be primed to develop better ways to engage with these mobiles, which will aid the online casino industry too.

One of the reasons for the Netflix plan is, according to https://www.theverge.com/, because Indian users like to download the content as well as watch on phones. By downloading, they likely plan to watch later, when on the go. So, it’s clear that a stronger internet using emerging technologies will be of use.

The trilateral scheme will begin with 5G and a more open internet, according to https://www.cnbctv18.com/, but will pool technological resources to enhance current systems and processes in line with the latest tech. If successful, this will help towards the Indian government’s Digital India scheme. Even being a part of the trilateral agreement shows a commitment to turning India into the next big thing in the digital arena. The online casino and general entertainment industry in India is a growing one, as well as one in which tech changes would be noticeable.  Three years in the making, the collaboration looks to be the start of a productive relationship.

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