Top 4 Technology Trends to watch out for in 2018

Gadgets are becoming smarter day by day. Hence, it is necessary to support them with smart, fast & beautiful accessories to make your life easier. We have picked out just the right ones to keep you ahead in the game:

Smart Speakers

Wouldn’t you just love it when all you have to do is just command your gadget and the job gets done? Smart, voice controlled speakers are the latest trend right now. It’s a segment we’ve seen everyone from Apple to Amazon enter in the last few months, which is a sign that they are about to become a common household accessory in 2018.

They are great because of the smart home capabilities added for an everyday use and work as a bridge to other smart home tech. From inbuilt features like voice commands &voice assistant, you can ask questions about traffic, set reminders, shop online, control your room’s lighting, or even use them as regular Bluetooth speakers.

Our pick would be the Amazon Echo Plus, currently available for Rs. 10,499 from Amazon.

USB Type-C Cables

How we wish our phones would charge quickly especially when you have to leave for a party?

Well, USB Type-C is the new emerging standard for charging &data transfer in devices. It’s currently available on some high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Note8, OnePlus phones like the 3, 3T, 5 & 5T, and the Google Pixel devices. Our bet is it will go mainstream in 2018 with all the leading devices. Compared to Micro USB-A, it is smaller, allows fast charging, transfers data at higher speeds and is even reversible.

To save you the hassle, we’ve done the research and picked the best one for you from Regor. It is a beautiful Nylon braided Type-C cable available on Amazon for Rs. 599 and is what we would put our money on. It is 5-feet long (longer than traditional 3.3 feet cables), and is nylon braided to prevent from fraying due to bending. What’s more, it has safety features to prevent your phone from any damage. As an Indian start-up, Regor also offers a 6 months hassle-free warranty on these cables.
If you are an iPhone user, Regor also makes some excellent, 5-Feet long MFi certified Lightning Cables that you can buy from Amazon.

Vinyl Wraps for Phones

While our phones look gorgeous, we still need to put a cover on them for safety. This not only spoils the look but makes them bulky.  But this new trend is here to replace designer cases for your beautiful phones. If you want to customize your phone, your best bet would be to get a vinyl wrap. These wraps are inexpensive, easy to install, sleek and come in crazy designs and colour combinations.

Our recommendation would be to choose from options from dbrand. They provide the best wraps starting from Rs 650 ($9.95), offer global shipping & have an excellent customer support team. 

Wireless Earphones

Over the last few months we have seen several mobile phones drop the 3.5 mm audio jack, making wireless earphones the new trend for 2018.

These are significantly expensive compared to the wired type, but should last longer as they are less prone to cable damage. The hassle of not having to untangle wires every time itself makes them worth the premium.

Our pick would be the Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds for Rs 2999 on Amazon that offers excellent sound quality for the price.  With 8 hours play time, battery life isn’t too shabby either.

We hope these accessories will provide you with a seamless & enhanced experience in your routine life. News Service

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