The Xbox One X Unpacked

It’s the much-anticipated reply to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft isn’t holding back. Claiming a 40 % more powerful console than any other console on the market, the Xbox One X promises a serious true 4K punch for gaming enthusiasts set on experiencing true 4K gaming glory.

Originally dubbed Project Scorpio the One X is a gamers dream come true on paper, but does it live up to its name on the playground? Certain players are brand loyal and will never leave Sony’s side due to the rich and immersive worlds the gaming tech giant has offered players at affordable prices.

Sony has long been at the forefront of gaming technology and Microsoft has always been playing catch up with its Xbox consoles, which have sold well around the globe but haven’t come close to the kind of market penetration Sony has experienced with its PlayStation over the last two decades. The One X is attempting to throw Sony off their throne as kings of the gaming world, but is it possible?

It’s About Player Experience 

It’s in the menu, the way the system starts up, and the very fine details in all the exclusive titles and even the way the remote looks and feels. Players want to know that they aren’t being ripped off and are getting the most all-round gaming experience out of any one system.

Microsoft Xbox has always seemed to have 1 up on Sony with their widened grip remote and heftier controls which seemed to make game-play easier and more enjoyable.  Just like the way the controls of the mobile slots Canada enjoys have been pared down for hand held devices, the Xbox’ controls need to be streamlined to work well with the desired platform. Sony has always followed a simple formula and their remote hasn’t changed much over the years. It’s down to a few lights and speakers maybe even the rate at which the battery lasts.

Player experience in a nutshell is a holistic gaming experience that allows for a rich, immersive game play at affordable prices. The exclusive titles and the benefits of the online store also go a long way in the purchasing decision, and Microsoft have been losing that battle hand for hand with every new reiteration of console launched by the two competing giants. Although the above factors are still influencing buying power, players still shop with heart, and by heart, I mean the specs and performance that either give the machine a brilliant processing core, or mundane floppy ready for battle.

What’s Under the Hood? 

The new Xbox One X Sports some impressive hardware that looks to be set for realistic and immersive game-play. With an 8-core custom AMD CPU clocked at 2.3 GHz, this kind of processing power is set to enhance AI and real-world detail for smoother game-play that is rapid and responsive.

The unit’s memory is given a hefty boost too with 12 GB GDDR5 ram that will increase games speed and power players into bigger worlds with greater horizons, and best of all a more responsive load time rate.

The systems 6 teraflop GPU enables 4K environments and characters, with a definitive sense of realism and seamless transitional playing experiences. The Xbox One X will also be fully backwards compatible with Xbox One games, allowing owners of the last iteration to keep up to date with their gaming libraries.

What Does This Boost Mean For Games?

The message is clear, and just like the PlayStation 4 Pro, owners of a new and improved Xbox One X will need a 4K television to make the most out of the new and improved unit.

Games from the old Xbox One will still look the same; it is completely up to the developer’s initiative to utilize the new tech in order to make games of the future appear more lifelike and immersive than ever before.

Certain game developers may revisit old titles and upgrade them for the newer machines, this means a new purchase though as it will be a re-mastered version.

Get Your Hands on One X

You can pre-order the Microsoft Xbox One X from leading retailers or direct from the Microsoft site. The consoles release date is set for November and with a price tag that is industry standard, for a console that supports true 4K gaming, many collectors will be fighting to put this on their display.

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