The innovative range of OLED TVs is the perfect blend of usability and artistry

Consumers today are more demanding than ever before. They seek to buy products that are a great value for their money, have assured quality, assist them at making lifestyles easier while also being top of the line in terms of look and feel. As a space, technology has become increasingly dynamic and for any product to carve a niche in the market, it must be a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Along with this, there is a pressing need for technology to help consumers bring out their creative genius and allow them to explore their imagination in a way which is appealing and satisfying. Human beings have an inherent need to express themselves through creative means which gives them a purpose in life. Technology has provided consumers this channel whereby they can express themselves artistically. Be it the choice of gadgets we own or the features and applications we download on our tech devices, all represents the kind of individuals we are, our tastes and preferences and ultimately our aspirations.

The dynamics and new trends in innovation technologyhas culminated in the development of breakthrough products. LG has always been at the forefront of these breakthroughs. The latest in line from the brand is the new range of OLED TVs which is elegant yet bold and reinforces the fact that ‘less is more’.

The key message of the OLED TV is that of simplicity and perfection. With the presence of the self-lighting pixels which enhance the picture quality to life like, the OLED is the only available TV which can boast of thistechnology. The perfection in design and technology together make this TV the official device for Technicolor’s color mastering. The Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos features of the OLED TVs deliver the perfect blend of outstanding picture and sound quality. The concept of perfect color on perfect black is a key feature of the OLED. As spaceskeep shrinking and design features gain prominence, the OLED TV can truly be called as the future of TV with its razor-thin profile which is just 2.57mm in width. The sleek look of this TV, makes any place where it is installedseem high-end. The OLED range with its signature W7 series truly offers an immersive and unrivaled cinematic viewing experience at home.

The OLED is marked with special features in terms of connectivity. It uses the latest WebOS 3.0 user interface which provides seamless, intuitive navigation and a plethora of live content options. It has an enhanced mobile connectivity with LG TV Plus App and remote features. The smart operations allow control of many devices using the Magic Remote which makes it exceptionally user-friendly. With the Magic Zoom feature, users can zoom in objects and pictures on the screen without hampering the picture quality. The Multi-View feature splits the screen of the Smart TV and allows the viewer to watch two different inputs at the same time.The Simple Switching option allows users to switch seamlessly from one platform to another. The Smart Share feature allows users to accessmusic and view videos and photos on the big screen. Users can connecttheir laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone and external HDD. These compelling features that customize content and provide improved connectivity are any technology fanatic’s ultimate dream come true.

With the ergonomic excellence of the OLED, the TV viewing experience has been revolutionized. The OLED is truly a creative innovation which is redefining the notion of “being a class apart.’’

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