Steria achieves a second consecutive 100Ascore in CDP Investor for Climate Change and Sustainability

Steria-LogoNew Delhi, India, October 19, 2014: Steria, a leading provider of end-to-end IT enabled business services, has maintained its leadership position in Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability by receivingtwo awards at NYSE Euronext Paris today in the CDP France Launch.CDP is an international NGO that provides the only global environmental disclosure system.

Steria, covering all its operational geographies, scored a 100 for information disclosure and an“A” for performance for the second consecutive year in the CDP Investor programme. Steria remains the only French listed company to obtain 100A in this programme.

Paul Simpson, chief executive officer of CDP, commented: “Another excellent performance fromSteria and it consolidates their position as a leader from the business world in combating climate change.” 

Steria is one of only 29 companies out of over 4,700across the world to achieve a band “A” for performance and a disclosure score of 100. This places Steria on the SBF 250 CPLI and CDLI, annual indices compiled by CDP:

  • ·         The CPLI highlights those companies listed on the “Société des Bourses Françaises” 250 Index that demonstrate strategies committed to improving their impact on the environment.
  • ·         The CDLI recognises those that have displayed a strong approach to the disclosure of information regarding climate change. 

CDP indices provide an evaluation tool for institutional investors and stakeholders tracking corporate efforts to mitigate climate change.

“We are delighted that CDP has again recognised our performance relating to climate change and environment. This achievement is a testimony, not only to the hard work from our Green Agents, but also to all our employees for making it as a business-as usual  activity within Steria and with our clients,” said Solfried Skilbrigt, Head of Environmental Sustainability, Steria. 

Steria’s ranking across both CDP’s 2014 SBF 250 indices is the culmination of its long-standing commitment to empowering a group-wide Sustainability Committee.Its associated network of “Green Agents” throughout the company help implementSteria’s environmental policy by driving the changes in working practices that reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. These practices extend to the company’s suppliers: through CDP’s Supply Chain programme and in other ways, Steria encourages themto recognise their environmental impact. They have responded by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. 

A long-standing commitment to the environment: Living Green, Green IT and IT for Green

Steria’s global commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental and carbon impact is also deeply rooted throughout the company through its Living Green policy which aims at adopting greener working practices and at helping their clients to become more sustainable. As examples of Steria’s innovative initiatives, the group offsets the emissions from its data centres, both onand off-site, and was awarded in September 2014 a CarbonNeutral certification for its data centres.

Steria has developed a proprietary methodology for managing sustainability in IT services, Sustainable Service Delivery, to identify, control and minimize the environmental impact of services to customers.  Steria has a portfolio of IT solutions, called “IT for Green”, that enable sustainability throughout our customers’ organisations.  For example Steria is supporting meter deployment, both electricity and gas, enabling transformation of the energy distribution network and helping operators adapt to new industry business models and meet energy efficiency requirements.

Steria is involved in IssyGrid, France’s first operational district smart grid. Within IssyGrid, Steria interconnects energy production and consumption across the district, creating a standard for the city of the future. Steria offers its technological expertise and skill in Smart Energy Management to find the perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfort of citizens, while supporting the development of new applications and services.

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