Samsung Hosts Tech Seminar on Quantum dot display

Samsung Electronics recently held a technology seminar which showcased the brilliance of SUHD TV with Quantum dot display technology and HDR 1000. The seminar also provided hands on experience of all the latest innovations in the smart features which makes the SUHD TV the most advanced TV available today.

Most Advanced Picture Quality with Quantum Dot Color & HDR 1000

Samsung’s SUHD TVs with revolutionary new Quantum Dot semiconductor material takes TV to the next generation of picture quality, delivering the most lifelike images and purest colors to date. Thanks to the 10-bit Quantum dot display, the new SUHD TVs can express up to 1 billion colors in detail, creating an incredible viewing experience.

Unlike organic materials in which the colors fade over time, Quantum dot displays can maintain their color and brightness for an extended period of time.

Samsung has also set another new standard for the industry with HDR 1,000 that delivers deeper contrast between light and dark images. With HDR 1000 viewers can experience the brightest pictures with the finest details. Samsung’s focus on providing the best picture quality is further highlighted in the innovations in HDR 1000 calibration. Samsung’s new SUHD TVs undergo strict calibrations that are required to accurately evaluate HDR picture performance, a process that was demonstrated during the seminar. Samsung highlighted the importance of an accurately calibrated TV and how the inaccurate calibration does not showcase the true HDR image quality.

The Future of TV with Samsung Smart TV 
  1. Single Access with Customizable User Interface

The new interface represents a shift away from multiple content sources and devices, to one integrated content and services platform. Consumers will now be able to switch seamlessly between OTT content, live TV as well as other connected devices including video game consoles, Blu-ray player and set-top-boxes.

Also, with the new Smart Hub interface, apps and content tiles can be customized to individual preferences, making it faster to navigate from app to app. Users can easily re-arrange apps the way they want them making it easier and faster to navigate between most used apps. 

  1. Auto Device Detection and One Remote

Samsung SUHD TV will automatically detect and recognize connected home entertainment devices, making it possible for users to control items like set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, game consoles, home theater systems, etc., with no setup required.

Along with Auto Device detection, the SUHD allows you to control all connected devices with just one remote. It eliminates the need to juggle multiple remote controls and control all of the external devices with the Smart Control Remote. 

  1. Convergence across platforms

With the new range of Smart TVs users can seamlessly share their favorite content instantly on the big screen. The upgraded Smart View app offers convergence across platforms and is available on Galaxy, Android and iOS devices as well as Window PCs, allowing users to share photos, video and music with family and friends. Also multiple users can simultaneously connect all their phones and share photos or videos making their experience more interactive and fun.

Quality standards with Real UHD Resolution

As the industry leader for 10 consecutive years, Samsung’s ultimate goal with the technology seminar is to provide consumers with the information they need in order to properly evaluate picture quality fairly and accurately. The seminar addressed the differences between 4K TVs and what are considered RGBW TVs, known as “3K TVs.”

With the introduction of RGBW TVs in the global marketplace, the ICDM (International Committee for Display Metrology) has agreed that the current international standard of resolution is incomplete for modified displays such as RGBW display and new resolution measurement methods should be added.

It is known that RGBW type TV displays have an average Contrast Modulation value of 60%, based on the perfect 3,840×2, 160 UHD resolution while RGB type UHD TV displays typically have a Contrast Modulation level of 95%.

Rajeev Bhutani, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India, said, “At Samsung, we want to ensure our consumers have the information they need in order to make the most informed decisions when it comes to purchasing a new TV. Our goal is to educate our consumers on the differences between display technologies and provide them with the transparency and clear product information they deserve.” 

With the HDR era upon us, Quantum dot display technology is the trusted technology to experience the best picture quality possible. News Service

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