Samsung Electronics holds its “Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum” in India

Samsung Electronics held its Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum 2016 in India, showcasing its latest technologies and emphasizing the strategic importance of mobile solution partnerships in the region.

Promoting the theme, “India is calling, future is here,” Samsung shared its vision to provide differentiated value amidst the rapidly changing market dynamics, and strategy in addressing demands for component solutions pertaining to India’s smartphone market.





At the event, Samsung exhibited its latest mobile technologies including:

  • Dual Pixel image sensor Image sensor that uses all pixels as a phase detecting auto focus (PDAF) agent to deliver instant auto-focus even in poor lighting conditions.
  • 10-nanometer class LPDDR4 SDRAM – LPDDR4 mobile DRAM is a high-speed, high-density, and power-saving memory built specifically for advanced mobile devices. It allows consumers to enjoy seamless multitasking even longer with extended battery life.
  • Display GreenScaler technologies A power-efficient display driver solution that up-scales image resolution by up to four times, enabling high-resolution display even with mid- to low-end mobile processors.
  • Bio-Processor All-in-one health solution that processes bio-signals without the need of external processing parts by integrating five Analog Front Ends (AFE), microcontroller unit (MCU), power management integrated circuit (PMIC), digital signal processor (DSP), and eFlash memory.
  • VR/Wearable platform Exynos processors and development platforms specifically designed for wearables, such as VR headsets and smart watches.

Haejin Park, Vice President and Head of Device Solutions in Southeast Asia, Samsung Electronics, said, “The world of semiconductor components is an exciting area in which we’ll continue to forge cutting-edge technologies that meet the demands of our customers. With a broad portfolio of value-added component solutions, Samsung will provide a strong foundation for the needs specific to here.” News Service

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