Sales executive jobs in Mumbai: get to know your customers

Sometimes it is hard to recognize the most important people in any business or organization. These people are the glue that sticks together any business. Their role is to promote products and services to customers who may include businesses, governmental organizations, and hospitals; as well as negotiate for contracts with the aim of maximizing sales profits for their business.

Sales being a target driven industry, is very demanding hence the sales executives are responsible for making repeat sales to their existing customers as well as winning new business. Often, other job titles are used to refer to a similar job role, including sales manager, sales representative, sales consultant to name but a few.  Their field of work is in the sales departments of a variety of industries, including retail and manufacturing. Sales executive jobs in Mumbai range is from accounts coordinator positions to regional sales managers with top executive positions such as president of marketing.


With the main focus being on maximizing profits and minimizing costs, they analyze the customer surveys and the sales reports, compile the sales forecasts and budgets and calculate the sales price and also the contract terms. In a sales capacity, executives meet with their customers and calculate their requirement for services and goods; they also at times recommend products and process transactions. They are sometimes forced to get involved in direct selling of commodities to special customers or in cases where the subservient salespersons are not up to the task. During promotional sales, they may give a discounted offer on price for their customers who buy more than a fixed amount of product. They serve as the point of contact for any business and its clients often providing customer service, answering questions, offering advice and introducing new products.

Depending on the type of company they work for, candidates holding Sales executive jobs in Mumbai may be responsible for planning promotions, developing budgets for their sales plans, resolving customer concerns on their products and training representatives. Their duties are more managerial, often having to handle certain products like, department goods and at times focus on goods like hair- care products, office services, camping services or hotel services.

The typical setting of the market determines the types of sales which are business to business and business to customer. Business to business sales involves selling products or services from one business to another, for instance a rice  manufacturing company will sell to the retailer while a business to consumer involves direct sales of products to consumers for example sale of airtime to consumers or cars in a showroom.

To ensure shelf space for products, sales executives have a tough time and hence must work very hard. They have to build a good relationship with their prospective customer base. They must have prior and up to date information about the market and other related products. The method of presentation of their products must be professionally structured to ensure an edge over their competitors.

In summary, typical activities include listening to customer requirements and propriety presenting to make profitable sales. Of importance is the maintenance and development of relationships with existing customers, which is done mostly via frequent contact by emails and telephone surveys and most time sales promotions. The sales industry in Mumbai and other parts of India is very competitive; hence they have to be extra ruthless in their dealings often going the extra mile to poach for new business while still maintaining their relevance in the field.

Qualification and requirements

For most sales management positions, a bachelor’s degree is of the essence. Some may however, obtain a master’s in business administration if they are holders of an unrelated undergraduate degree or in the instance where they wish to increase their potential flexibility.

Promotional prospects are very high, especially where there is high experience in the sales field. Usually, in addition to their basic salaries, a commission pay is given often according to the amount of sales made or contracts sold by the executives.

In conclusion, confidence, perseverance, patience, great interpersonal skills all plays a great role in making a great sales executive. Being multilingual is an added advantage for them since they are able to sell their products not only to their first target market but also to other related markets outside their geographical or territorial jurisdiction. Sales executive jobs in Mumbai are advertised by recruiting agencies and more recently via the internet.

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