Quote on National Skill Development Mission by Mr. Premkumar S, Chief Mentor, HCL Talentcare

India today is one of the youngest nations in the world with more than 54% of the total population below 25 years of age. Yet today, less than 5% of our potential workforce gets formal skill training to be employable and stay employable. There are several studies indicate that a large proportion (upward of 75%) of new college graduates do not possess the skills required to be readily employable in roles for which they seek to be hired. Industry addresses these gaps through large investments in training, internships, shadow assignments, bench strength and other methods to make new hires job-ready and productive.

The National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015 aims at addressing the skill gap and links skills development to improved employability and productivity to pave the way forward for inclusive growth in the country. However, an additional complexity needs to be addressed on a war footing. This is do with the high levels of attrition in the entry-level (0-3 year experience) workforce, leading to expensive and repetitive cycle of hiring, training, staffing and replacement for the same role. Corporate needs job ready resources, quality, high level of productivity and sustainability. Layer on unpredictable growth and volatility in the demand cycle and we have a potent mix of challenges that business and HR leaders in the services sector face.

The policy focuses on skill development as a shared responsibility of government, employers and individual workers, with NGOs, community based organizations, private training organizations and other stakeholders playing a critical role. This is highly appreciable and HCL TalentCare will provide solutions to industry by addressing these challenges in two parts:

 a) Develop a large pool of talent for specific entry-level roles in industry through a paid six month, residential training program which addresses critical skills – professional, technical, domain, behavioral, language, and communication. Included are industry recognized certifications, internships, academia-practitioner led training, practice labs, continuous assessments and counselling to ensure the desired transformation from graduates to best-in-class professionals and

 b) Employ and staff successful program graduates into specific, entry-level roles at enterprise clients, thereby delivering ‘Productivity-On-Arrival’. Own the professional development of these employees during this period of staffing and improve their capabilities so that at the end of the deployment, they are able to take up higher order roles within the client organization directly. Offer the enterprise client with replacement, scale up/scale down options and assist in managing bench, attrition, growth and quality.

We commit to create over 20,000 Skilled & Job ready graduates over the next 3 Years , helping amplify the efforts of the Government as a strategic NSDC Partner.

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