Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Prateek Agarwal, Founder, BiteClub.com

The Digital India Campaign is a grand step forward towards bridging the digital divide in India. We are very excited about the campaign. It provides entrepreneurs like us with an opportunity to focus on providing High Quality services to a larger segment of the population. Going forward we aim to leverage multiple platforms from Digital India to create a holistic service.

Initiatives like Digitize India Platform(DIP) will result in a host of data in the public domain. This in turn will help emerging players to target their businesses based on credible Data, thus promising to bring a revolution in India’s digital economy. Reducing imports and investment in the Electronics manufacturing sector will result in cost reductions for everyone, especially upcoming startups.

We are also excited about the move towards Internet of Things(IoT) and hope to play our role as pioneers in this field. BSNL’s move towards Next Generation Networks(NGN)  will help reduce network-based latencies resulting in an overall improvement of User-Experience. We are closely following all the developments and it is indeed a proud moment for every Indian.

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