Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr.Ozair Yasin, MD, SoftAge

As our Hon’ble Prime Minister said, “We have to empower our citizens with the skills and knowledge to use digital applications and services. We also have to volunteer time and effort to share digital skills so that our fellow citizens who have recently been digitally empowered get to know how to use this powerful medium and are able to get the maximum out of this medium,”

SoftAge has been offering digitization services for two decades now. SoftAge has created a name for itself in this niche area by providing document management solutions that help to bridge the gap between physical and digital information for clients across India, the Middle-East and Africa.

In our populous India, a ballpark figure, 60% of the population belongs to the rural part of the country. Out of this huge chunk of countryside dwellers, 10.1% are still unemployed. As an attempt to lessen this unemployment, SoftAge seeks to generate employment in rural India, through the document Verification – Digitization – Archival – Retrieval process with a workforce of over 11,000 people PAN-India SoftAge provides employment in the home town itself, so that it doesn’t lead to migration of village folks to metropolises. An idea that promotes modernization without urbanization, and also doesn’t leave rural areas deserted. In this way, the people don’t have to leave their native towns and can be employed while staying with their families.

With this concomitant presence in 25 states and more than 500 cities which cater to about 6000 client locations, the company also plans to make quality healthcare accessible to an unaddressed 200 million people in tier 2 and tier 3 cities and are in dire need of credible medical assistance.

The Digital locker requires a person to have an “AADHAAR CARD” issued by the UIDAI (Unique Identity Authority of India) which is the only requirement to use this locker on the registered mobile number and email id. SoftAge has been working with UIDAI in different locations for Aadhaar Enrollments and aided the Govt. in streamlining the process.

Indeed is a great initiative by the govt. andwe look forward to see the revolution taking new heights and making India go digital.

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