Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Koichiro Koide, MD NEC India

We, at NEC India Pvt. Ltd, welcome the launch of PM Modi’s Smart Cities Mission guidelines and the three flagship urban development schemes as it is a great step towards making urbanization as one of the most critical drivers of growth in today’s scenario. We can confidently say that planning a smart city always begins with taking into account the requirements and resources of the city in question, something that cannot be standardised in technical terms. What is commendable is that the three schemes together not only focus on developing 100 smart cities across different states but also commit to readying a few hundred more to become smart cities in the next phase, while making them better immediately for its citizens with better housing and urban transformation. This practical approach clearly indicates the intent of the government of an all-round development for all regions in the country. With this step taken, the launch of the guidelines will help channelizing the resources, funds, expertise in the right direction and will act as a trigger in propelling the development of smart cities mission in India. We will continue to contribute to Indian smart cities mission creating “Solutions for Society,” and our reinvention as a “social value innovator”.

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