Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Ashish Tandon ,Chairman and CEO at Indusface

Quote 1-“Digital India vision along with ongoing e-governance initiatives could provide the much needed impetus to India’s economic growth. About a third of India’s 252 million internet users and a fourth of mobile internet users reside in rural areas. But internet penetration in villages at 8.6%, compared to 37.4% in cities, has a long way to go, and this is what ‘Digital India’ hopes to change.”

Quote 2-“Digital India Initiatives would provide the much needed impetus to the economic growth given its focus on key social and industry sectors. Not only IT/ITeS, telecom, electronics manufacturing sectors would be benefited from Digital India, but we would see positive impact on other industry sectors as well, like Power Sector and Banking and Financial Services.”

Quote 3-“Given the increasing security challenges in digital space, using secure software, applications and portals becomes extremely important. With vast amounts of personal data of citizens residing on government’s IT systems, protection of people’s privacy is very critical.”

Quote 4-“The Modi government has certainly done a good job by announcing such promising programs that have potential to transform the lives of many Indians. However, programs like ‘Digital India’ cannot succeed in achieving their objectives unless collective action is taken by all government departments to ensure real e-governance. And e-security has to be a critical element of this drive.”

Quote 5-“We completely support this initiative as Indusface is the only Indian Security Company who can take pride with a complete product suite of Detecting Threats+ Protecting against Threats + Monitoring Threats 24/7. The govt. will definitely require technology companies like us who can make their digitisation initiatives successful. .Can they rely on a foreign company to take care of their classified domestic data?”

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