Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Ankush Gera, CEO, Junglee games

As the PM invites startups to come forward and contribute to the nation’s growth, I believe that we finally have a leader that will revolutionize the overall ecosystem. It is encouraging to see this leader envisage and comprehend how technology will play a key role towards achieving the Make in India dream. 

With a country where the economy/GDP continues to grow, smartphones penetrate hundreds of millions, tech startups get billion dollar valuations; basic necessities around sanitation, getting a government ID, internet connectivity and healthcare continue to plague majority of the population. If the PM can execute his vision of Digital India, our nation can become a much more attractive investment destination to the rest of the world. More importantly, it can become a country where the majority of the population which is still well below the poverty line lives a better, slightly happier life.

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