Pre-Budget Expectations by Mr. Saurav Kumar, CEO & Co-founder Cube26

This Union Budget, we expect the government to make patents simpler, and offer schemes and incentives that encourage startups to take risks. We also expect government to approach India’s smart devices market through supportive and encouraging regulations to expedite the ecosystem for smart device manufacturing. 

To promote Make in India, we believe that the government should offer subsidies on investments and incentives for Indian device manufacturers. This will help them to build a price advantage over the increasing international competition from brands. Also, reduction of import duties with an option to allow businesses to Make in India will be a welcome move. 

Digital literacy and mobile internet penetration in tier 2, tier 3 cities are other areas onto which we would like to see the Union Budget’s focus. Substantial funds should be allocated to develop a robust network infrastructure and realise the government’s ‘Digital India’ mission. News Service

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