New Entertainment Platform With 5G Speeds And Zero Data Cost At SF Locations

Speed Fetch offers a digital entertainment content. You can download movies,gossip videos, recipe shows, cartoons, games, apps & much more at a high speed of up to 60 mbps at all our Speed Fetch locations. Not just this,at a Speed Fetch location, you get this service at zero data cost.

Speed Fetch


What is it?

High Speed up-to 60mbps & Data transfer cost is Zero within Speed Fetch WiFi locations. Stop paying for bandwidth, pay only for content. Unlimited data for free at SF locations, Next generation digital content security, to give comfort to the artists & content producers. Now 1.5 million people in India can walk to SF hotspot and download a 2.5 hour movie in 5-7 minute with zero broadband cost

Expansion Plans 

  • Current locations: locations in Delhi and Mumbai
  • (Aurobindo Market in Hauz Khas, Apollo Hospital, Jasola, Ambience Mall – Food Court, Gurgaon, Mumbai Airport: T1 & T2, PVR Cinema in Gurgaon, Barista in Gurgaon, Costa Coffee in Gurgaon, Tehkhand, Okhla, Hauz Khas Village, Barista FC Road Pune, Barista Vasa, Chennai)
  • New locations: 15 locations at present. 50 locations in next 4 weeks, 5000 locations by next year
  • 4300 installs, 40% retention
  • In next 2-3 years, 5 million customer base with a subscription model, 20,000 locations, with access to 50 million consumers

Technology Investment 

  • 2 Million has been invested so far in developing the technology
  • The content is DRM protected
  • Social sharing features has been built into the product for P2P Wi-Fi and social sharing
  • Speed Fetch allows you to project movies & video content via your smartphone onto your TV, Miracast, Comcast, UPnP, Apple
  • TV & many more gadgets for your never-ending delight.


App Stats

  • 4300+ active customer base with 30% app retention
  • 14000+ Application installs from 15 live locations
  • 9% retention for customers using SpeedFetch
  • 15000+ content downloads from SpeedFetch

How it works? 

Detect Ozone Wi-Fi on location

Connect to Ozone Wi-Fi

You will discover Speed Fetch automatically once you are connected to Ozone Wi-Fi

You can select from list of content options available on Speed Fetch app (Movies: Hollywood, Bollywood, Music, Games, TV shows, gossip videos)

Start downloading 3 hour long HD movies, games & more in less than few minutes

Watch more than 10,000 hours of juiciest Bollywood and Hollywood gossip, compiled and updated daily just for your added entertainment.

Ease Of Payment Convenient & Flexible Payment Methods
Speed Fetch continues to collaborate payment gateways, to make the buying experience seamless.

At present, Speed Fetch allows you to pay via –

  • Your mobile balance
  • Speed Fetch voucher/Wallet
  • PayTM or Internet Banking
  • Debit or Credit Card

Opportunity for Advertisers

Don’t waste your money on television advertising or any other traditional form of media. Speed Fetch now provides India’s first hyper local advertisement platform for your brand. We use geo-targeted marketing at all our locations to reach out to all our customers which belong to different demographics.

E-Tailing On Speed Fetch

Speed Fetch is the new distribution platform for eTailing as well. Host your apps, games, video content and much more on our servers. The benefits you receive start right at the popular locations we’re based on. Every Speed Fetch location allows users to try or buy your product & receive it instantly on their smartphone. This is possible with our powerful backbone of high speed up to 60mbps in every Speed Fetch location.

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