Mphasis unleashes the Next with Mphasis Next Labs

New Delhi, India, March 18, 2015: Mphasis, a leading IT solutions provider, today announced the launch of Mphasis Next Labs, a strategic initiative by Mphasis to research and innovate on emergent and future paradigms. The business and technology innovation driven by Mphasis Next Labs will be around company’s focus areas and aims to emphasize on disruptive world class innovations, thought leadership and industry relevant solutions.

Dr. Jai Ganesh, who recently joined Mphasis as Vice President & Head of Mphasis Next Labs, will lead the initiative to focus on disruptive and transformational innovations. The areas in focus to include SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud), IoT and Automation through applied research, IP Creation, thought leadership and new product, service, platform and solution development. Mphasis Next Labs will closely work with Academia, Research Labs, Start-ups and New Technology Partners across the globe.

With the advent of digital enterprises, there has been a constant and continuous emergence of powerful business & technology forces. These forces such as Ambient Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Cross Enterprise Processes and Digital Consumers, are all driving huge market opportunities. The requirement of innovation driven technology and a cost effective ecosystem for enterprises to survive is the need of the hour.

Mphasis Next Labs aims to effectively leverage innovations in business & technology to drive creative disruptions. The focus will be on Emerging Paradigms Innovation (Social Media, Mobility, Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things), Services Innovation (Application Development & Management, Infrastructure Services, BPO), Business Innovation (New Business Models, Industry Vertical Specific Solutions) and Open Innovation (Innovation Crowdsourcing, IP licensing, Academic Partnerships).

Co-creation with clients is the key mode of operation for this initiative where joint innovation projects are defined and solved. The core team will consist of digital strategists, developers, product specialists, user experience designers, graphic designers, data scientists & business analysts. It is an interdisciplinary group that explores application of fundamental principles, models and theories from mathematics, statistics, industrial engineering, operations research, psychology, economics and computer science to drive innovation and deliver business value.

“As a service provider, enabling our customers to successfully ride the wave of Generational Shift is of paramount importance to us. This generational shift will force a fundamental change in the usage of IT. Old world IT organizations and service providers will be like people holding on to melting ice under the hot sun.

Our goal is to co create the new world with our customers. Mphasis Next Labs is an investment in the space of co creation and enablement of the Generational Shift. Our mantra for success is customer centricity and customer relevance. As we speak, some collaborative work that we are doing will challenge the status quo in the IT Services space. Very relevant and down to reality but disruptive play”. Said Mr. Ganesh Ayyar, CEO Mphasis

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