Mindtree celebrates expert thinking With Osmosis 2014

Mindtree-logoNew Delhi, India, March 28, 2014: Mindtree, a global technology services company, has celebrated the grand finale of Osmosis 2014 – its annual technology festival. With ‘Expert Thinking’ as the theme, Osmosis 2014 engaged not just Mindtree Minds, but went beyond to connect with clients, students, IT professionals, partners and entrepreneurs.

Osmosis is a month-long celebration of technology at Mindtree, with various events and tracks crafted to showcase Mindtree’s technological depth. This year, Osmosis 2014 has five unique tracks – Techathlon, Value-Add Jam, Expert Speak–Webinars and K-Safari.

CEO and MD of Mindtree Krishnakumar Natarajan said, “We take pride in our diversity, technical expertise and strong values that create the foundation for delivering breakthrough solutions for our clients. As we continue to focus on the fundamental pillars that make a difference to our business, our greatest asset – our people, play a pivotal role in defining our success.”

Techathlon, the technology derivative of the sports event ‘Decathlon’ required participants to take up challenges on coding, optimizing, and blogging. The Value-Add Jam was an event that sparked innovation and brought out a multitude of business and technology ideas that can add value to Mindtree’s clients.

The other events created a highly interactive platform for self-learning by collaboration among the audience and the SMEs. Expert Speak-Webinars provided an opportunity for the experts within Mindtree to share their knowledge both within and outside the organization.

Knowledge Safari culminated the month-long festivities in Osmosis, by taking Mindtree Minds through a ‘technology safari’. The Mindtree facilities transformed into a busy hub, with vibrant stalls put up all over. The stalls feature Mindtree’s technology implementations, partners and invited entrepreneurs. Osmosis 2014 finally concluded with a glittering awards ceremony.

Osmosis 2014 brought together more than 10,000 Mindtree Minds across 14 countries, to collaborate, share knowledge, challenge themselves and celebrate technology through Osmosis – helping knowledge flow spontaneously, across the organization.

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