MapmyIndia ties-up with Avis Car Rental

New Delhi, India, August 19, 2015: MapmyIndia, a player in GPS navigation, tracking, GIS and digital maps solutions, today announced successful implementation of Integrated Dispatch Solution for Avis Car Rental, India’s top brand in Car Rental and Car Hire services. While the solution will allow Avis Car Rental to offer enhanced customer experience and security, it will also increase the company’s operational efficiencies.

The key features of MapmyIndia’s Integrated Dispatch Solution include:

  • Geo fencing
  • Live positioning
  • Alert reports: Movement, undue stoppage, billing etc.
  • Vehicle status: Occupied, free, stopped, moving
  • Historical replay

“This is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that leverages the power of digital mapping and GIS – customized and integrated into the Avis’s existing system to deliver an enhanced service experience to the consumer. Our expertise and experience with leading automobile and travel companies has helped in seamlessly deploying the solution across Avis’ fleet that comprises of vehicles of multiple makes and types. I look at this as the beginning of a long-lasting relationship,” says Rakesh Verma, Managing Director of MapmyIndia.

“MapmyIndia’s expertise in the digital mapping and GPS navigation space prompted us to use the Integrated Dispatch Solution. The offerings are unique and showcase MapmyIndia’s commitment to delight the customer,” says Aman Naagar, Chief Operating Officer, Avis India

The Integrated Dispatch Solution provides a best-in-class and secure experience to the customer, right from the point she books the cab to the point where she disembarks at the destination. The booking, the ride quality, driver behaviour, ride monitoring, security and more can be monitored by MapmyIndia’s Integrated Dispatch Solution.

MapmyIndia’s Integrated Dispatch Solution

Key components:

  • Android Based Mobile/Tablet
  • Driving Directions
  • Reverse Geo Coding
  • Customized Functions
  • Integration of Payments
  • Live Location  Status
  • Detailed MIS Reports

Avis cabs will be equipped with Android tablets connected to the Avis server. All key details will either be communicated automatically or be punched in real-time to the command centre via the tablet. This will ensure better control over service delivery, transparent administration and billing, better management of driver and staff and security of the passenger as well as the vehicle.

MapmyIndia’ mobile app, developed especially for Avis Car Rental, comes pre-loaded on the android tablets provided to drivers. This is an integral part of the solution, enabling the Avis Car Rental drivers to:

  • Communicate with AVIS server, login and fetch trip details
  • View assigned jobs and accordingly accept or reject them
  • Update status on picking-up and dropping-off customer
  • Automatically calculate best route using GPS

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