LINE announces New Original Games: LINE POP 2 & LINE Sweets

LINE-POP-2-LINE-SweetsNew Delhi, India, November 04, 2014: LINE, the world’s leading life platform, has announced release of two different puzzle games, LINE POP 2 and LINE Sweets. With the two games added to the LINE GAME platform, LINE now offers 19 dynamic games for all users in India to enjoy.


LINE POP 2 is a hexagon-based puzzle game and the successor to LINE POP, the first LINE GAME title with more than 47 million global downloads. Players can move the hexagonal blocks, made of LINE’s original characters, in six different directions and eliminate them by lining up three or more of the same character blocks.

The world of LINE POP 2 welcomes a variety of users, from the original LINE POP players to puzzle game masters and many more.

LINE Sweets

Another new game LINE Sweets is a map-based puzzle game that also features LINE’s original characters- in 3D! Players can clear the missions set for each stage by lining up 3 or more blocks of the same kind of sweet to eliminate them. The different LINE characters, each with a unique skill, all crucial to gaining a high score, can be obtained using the Gacha or through clearing stages in specific ways.

The scores that LINE friends achieve will be shown for each stage, so players can battle their friends for the title of high score.

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