Keeping Your Devices Clean

With the recent release of the iPhone X it seems that for great tech, we will need to pay alot more in the future. With this in mind, most people will want to keep their gadgets in tip top condition for as long as possible.

Modern high end devices are becoming more like investments than practical purchases so let’s look at a few ways that you can guarantee your device’s health for as long as possible.

Managing Your Updates

For almost all smartphone users, one of the biggest annoyances when you first received your device is the constant updates. Most people only noticed these background processes when they realise they have used loads of data for the month and haven’t actually spent that much time enjoying activities online.

Today, most people have become used to updates and allow them to run regularly. It is a smart move in today’s volatile online world where your safety can be compromised by hackers in a variety of ways by exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems.

While most people would recommend applying updates as soon as they are available, it can be equally smart to wait for a few days. Almost all updates would receive bug fixes and updates of themselves as users encounter small problems and issues.

It is also helpful to actually read up on what the new updates include. If there were any mentioning of security updates it would be prudent to immediately install the patch to fix it. It should also be noted if you have an old device; additional updates could actually impede performance by slowing your device down.

Charging Your Device

With our high-powered devices, charging is a constant part of most people’s days. While modern devices are always trying to maintain a balance between high battery capacity and low power consumption, you still need to charge your device at least every two days.

Unfortunately most people have the habit of charging their device overnight, which is the worst thing for it. This almost always leads to devices being overcharged and the dreaded swollen battery syndrome. Making this problem even more costly is the fact that many modern devices have a built in internal battery that once damaged becomes near impossible to replace without replacing the whole device.

The best way to charge your device is with short, shallow charges. This will ensure you always have enough power to enjoy online real money pokies when out and about. It also is important to avoid your battery draining to zero before you charge it. So the best way to manage a long battery life for your device is to give it regular attention throughout the day. When you have a lunch break or a quick personal 15 minutes, plug in your device and let it recharge its own battery just like you.

Keeping Your Gadgets Clean

With the regular use we put most of our devices through, cleaning soon becomes an essential part of maintenance if you wish your device to last longer than a year. This doesn’t mean you should get expensive cleaning kits, but a lint free cloth, distilled water and some alcohol can extend your device’s life greatly.

While most phones have a pretty sleek design and can come with a case, laptops, cameras and other devices definitely need some TLC. Cleaning the fan grills and edges of devices will keep grime and dirt from entering the internal components.

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