Introducing CommonFloor Insignia: Bouquet of Products for Real Estate Developers

CommonFloor Insignia’s offerings will help developers to create a unique selling proposition in the market by providing better visual experience of their properties & projects which can enhance their visibility and positioning in the market. It will allow them to showcase their project in a unique manner adding the touch of future and technology into it. The products in the visualization category range from virtual reality tour to first person walk through of a projectonline (web & mobile). Some of products managed by CommonFloor Insignia are:

CommonFloor Retina (Virtual Reality on Mobile phone)

3D Project experience: Developers can enable their customers experience their newly launched or upcoming project sitting at their homes. 3D renders will create realistic experience of the exteriors and interiors of the project as envisioned by the developer.

Take a tour of actual model flat: Developers would be able to showcase their real model flat using actual images of the model flat onsite. This can be used to showcase the model flat to any customer at anywhere without the need to go for the site visit.

Locality Experience: Developers can showcase the actual skyview (Ariel photography) and give the customers an experience of the locality where the project is proposed.

Hybrid View: This is first of its kind virtual reality experience where actual images are merged with 3D to give you an experience of future of that project.

CommonFloor Celestial – First Person Walkthrough of project/flat ( Desktop, Web & Occulus VR)

Experience the property like never before by having a control at what you want to look at where you want to go within the property and also experience it in Virtual Reality via Occulus Rift.

CommonFloor Insignia also has products which would not only help visualizations but help with sales: 

CommonFloor HomeSelect

3D Visualization of the project and its units on web along with an ability to select individual units, know the availability and book online by paying the token amount. The complete booking and visualization solution for a project.

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