Instant Messenger a recent launch from PeopleLink

Peoplelink-logoHyderabad, India, March 16, 2014: IM (Instant Messenger) is an immediate interactive video solution, where-in the customers can immediately get connected to the customers who are online.

Deployed to empower small and medium scale industries to contend on a level stage with larger businesses, PVCS IM allows customers to invite anyone with a linked PC laptop or standard PC to be a part of the conference instantaneously. Customers, associates and distant co-workers can call in, view content and fully get involved in conferences.

With just one click, anyone can walk into a meeting room and immediately start a conference session. IM enables you to share your PC with local and distant participants; view and annotate over Microsoft Power Point or interactive white board. Remote members can be a part of IM conference, by instantaneously downloading the IM application on their PC and singing up with the IM tool. Through the IM tool, on can discuss ideas and notices collaboratively with co-workers, clients, and associates at any time, anywhere.

CEO of PeopleLink Corporate Solutions Amit Chowdary said, “PVCS IM is democratizing business cooperation by giving smaller organizations an cost-effective way to make use of top great quality interactive video conferencing. In the preceding years, only the largest organizations had the infrastructure and assets to share content and communicate face-to-face immediately with multiple members via a reliable, top great quality system. PVCS IM makes cooperation fast, simple and inexpensive for SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) customers.”

With PVCS IM, organizations can discover the power of face-to-face team cooperation without running into the costs and time engaged in establishing up conferences at a location. By using top quality on-demand video conferencing and content discussing abilities, small and mid-sized organizations can connect and do business more successfully. No need for pre-scheduling or harassing with booking systems. Customers can simply switch a video conference expansion and that’s it.

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