How to Get Automated hassle free SQl backups

SQL, Structured Query Language is almost the backbone of your websites, is it not? Well yeah from the front it does look like it’s not and HTML or CSS (combined) are running the show, as a matter of fact, they aren’t.

HTML and CSS are like the bones and flesh of your website, but what’s connecting the muscles and tissues? The SQL! Well yup SQL is basically like the database language that’s responsible for almost all the connections to and fro your website.

Confused? Let me answer that in details.

Structured Query Language:-

Structured Query Language, SQL is a language that holds data in your DBMS! (Database management system). I won’t go into telling you how SQL came into being or upon what it’s based, because then I’d have to explain to you what relational algebra and relational calculus were.

Yeah I hate maths too, so no I won’t go into all those details. Instead let me just tell you why it’s important for your blog.

As the name suggests, it’s “structured” “organized” form of Data. And it’s stored in a Database as I said, so basically Database is like a cabinet, and SQL is the “FILE” that’s stored in the cabinet.

Not just that, the file needs to have some data, right? These data on SQL files are called queries. That is how they are fetched, edited or modified in anyway.

By default, WordPress uses MySql database management system to manage your SQL files. Well you can’t Install WordPress, or most popular CMS’s or even a custom website without SQL! And in order to have SQL, you need to have a DBMS (because SQL is just a language), and MySQL is that solution.

SQL Backup:- Why It’s important and How to create it easily!

Just like the backup of anything else, SQL backups too are backups of the SQL files you’ve got on your system. Now why you need it is pretty clear, you loose your SQL files, and you’re going to loose your website.

It’s like the spinal cord of the website, connecting almost every element so yes in plain English, you can’t afford to loose it. So what to do about it? You guessed it right, a backup is the solution.

Or even when you are sure about not loosing your website, you might just be modifying or changing something on the SQL and you don’t want not to have a backup in case something goes south, right?


But then again, you don’t have a Ph.d in computer programming, right? And computer terminology has a bad habit of making things look hard even when they aren’t just because mostly it uses abbreviations and long lines of codes.

That’s where SQLBAK comes in.  It does a lot of things for you, automatically. No more complicated lines of codes or commands, just this one little tiny program will take care of a lot of things for you:-

  • It let’s you schedule SQL backups, so you don’t need to worry about keeping tabs if the backup is up to date or not. It’ll automatically back it up on the scheduled time and date.
  • No browser restriction:- Doesn’t matter if you’re on the latest version of Google Chrome, or the oldest version of Internet Explorer, or any other browser. SQL backup works perfectly fine and is compatible with all the major browsers.
  • Automatically upload the backup files to Google Drive, FTP, Amazon S3 or any other cloud backup service you prefer. So you don’t even have to manually download them.
  • Email Alerts:- You need to know when something goes wrong, right? SQL backup tells you exactly when that happens! Anything goes wrong? You’re going to get an Email alert.
  • Extremely easy and lightweight installation. I understand there are other programs out there offering the same service, what makes SQLBak unique is that it’s extremely lightweight so it won’t be eating up a lot of your server resources, and all you need to do is to install it on the SQL server.

So SQL backups? Not a problem anymore. All you have to do is:- 1. Schedule backups. 2.Forget about it! Well because the backups would automatically be created, and uploaded to wherever you’ve set the preferred storage location as. You don’t need to do anything on your part.

So here’s the bottomline:- You want SQL backups? You want them automated? You want them without any mental stress, don’t you? Give this tiny program a try, it won’t disappoint you, that’s my personal experience speaking. News Service

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