How Office Automation Can Enhance Your Business

Unnecessary repetition is the type of problem that business owners like to root out and replace with a process that actually saves them time and money.

In the office, the phone system and the workflow can both be sources of repetition that affect the bottom line.

Here are some ways that you can continue to automate your office so that it runs more efficiently:

Virtual call automation:

Virtual office services are one of the fastest growing segments of the automation world.  The primary reason is that with many companies going online and creating eCcommerce sites, sales support needs to be perfect so that company can optimize the number of sales that it makes.

Consider the following situation.  A customer comes to your website and looks at products.  They decide to buy something and select the options that they want.  At checkout, they get a message back that says that their credit card has been declined.  Believe it or not, this can happen with up to 3 percent of purchases depending on the company.  So you have a declined customer and that’s it.  They will normally stop the transaction and leave and maybe not come back.  If you get virtual office calling services through a company like, it will connect your website to their call center staff.  Whenever your website declines a credit card, they will pull the customer information and route it to a customer service specialist, who will instantly give them a call.

You can also automate contacting vendors to track orders and other parts of the sales and purchasing process, saving your firm quite a bit of money.

Office warehouse repetition:

When you have your office handle the pick list for the warehouse, there is often a problem with efficiency because the list can still be generated manually.  The solution is to create pick lists from your existing inventory using software that allows you to port your invoice needs through both the office and warehouse without any duplication.  Once you have achieved this, the next step is to automate your warehouse by starting to use software to direct where and how the warehouse workers will actually fulfill the pick list.

Office automation to warehouse automation for the sales process is one of the hottest ways to create a more efficient work environment.

Office accounting automation:

If you work in sales, you will likely know that your accounting people are interested in creating synergy with your sales orders.  You book a sales order and the data should flow directly to accounting.  Unfortunately, in some companies, the sales system is still not tied to the accounting system, leading to the need for a bridge or for a new overall system that is integrated.  When you do not have a system, what frequently happens is that the information needs to be entered in manually, duplicating your effort.

If you have an ERP or CRM and do have some automation, you can still probably improve upon either the reporting that management gets and/or the information that is ported through to accounting.

Finding ways to automate your office systems is one of the best ways for your firm to enhance or retain its revenue systemically.  Looking at accounting, the warehouse, and the phone IT infrastructure as areas that can be improved first will allow you to create a larger savings.

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