Here’s How to Stay Stylish with Boxer Shorts

Get the style with comfort from your stylish boxer shorts. The bike shorts that also come with padded spandex option can rack you up to miles in style with utmost ease. Get that feel of perfect “poseurs” in your boxer shorts that can be teamed up with shirts, T-shirts, blazers for that exquisitely fashionable look. Leather shorts, denim shorts in rugged look gives a proper Manlike feel. Denim and Leather shorts are both available in soft fabric as well. For boxer briefs, cotton and linen are the best available option that not just offers long hours comfort but are best to keep you hygienic from that sweat accumulation and offers coolness and breezy feel all day long. Men’s boxer shorts sale has increased uptime with the increasing demand among all age group of men and trending of urban culture. Teaming up with loafers, flip floss or converse would complete the look.

Look Glamorous with Dressy shorts

The concept of “dressy” shorts might appear to be hilarious to many but if you put them the right way then they actually can be the “dapper” thing you have ever worn. Men’s designer boxer shorts are available in wide fabric varieties like suede, synthetic, soft denim, linen, silk mix or satin that can be teamed up with a fallen neck t-shirt, polo t-shirts to look glamorous and different from the crowd. Boxer shorts for men have broken that notion of regular Bermudas which they use to wear at home or for pedestrian walking. If you are a brand freak then there are numerous options available otherwise even the non-branded or cheap designer boxer shorts can make you feel as spiffy as enough. The evolution of HOTPANTS and shorts have killed it for the young men and yet making them the Macho of thing. Guys you can go with crocs, sneakers or gravity shoes below and sweep off the feet’s of many with your stylish shorts avtaar.

Shirts that Go with Men’s Shorts
  • If you are wearing a casual short like a checkered or printed short then you should go with a round neck T-shirt. Long-sleeved, printed shirts or front opened shirts are a big “NO-NO” with shorts.
  • Collared T-shirts with short-sleeve shirts are best pick for men that makes them look cool dude and fashionably upright. You can choose from seersucker to monochrome polo shirt to sport a SPORTY look. Keep the printed, floral or Hawaiian shirts for some beach occasion.
Try these different Styles in Shorts
  • Safari or “Cargo shorts” for men with back, side and front pockets are ideal for hiking, athletic activities’ or even college. These are little baggy but not too much so can be used casually for which the boxers are actually meant for. Do not try for social gatherings.  These are ultra-casual and should not be worn to college social events.
  • Bermuda boxer brief shorts with bright colors are good for beach or island visits. Do not go for dull shades. Bright catches attraction.
  • Cotton khaki shorts for casual wear 

Don’t Let your Shorts Be too Short

Men make good wear in thigh shorts, mid-cut shorts or cargo styled shorts that are ideal for public outing, gyms, sports clubs or bike paths. However, past the knees shorts for girls are ceased to be “shorts and are not at all flattering; in fact they look obnoxiously amusing. Girls can flaunt their toned legs in trimmed shorts that not even look vulgar. News Service

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