‘Give Selfishly’ via Oxigen Wallet’s p2p money transfer

New Delhi, India, March 12, 2015: Oxigen Wallet, a prepaid digital wallet that enables customers to store their money virtually, initiates “Give Selfishly”, a referral program. This is based on its feature of peer to peer money transfer through mobile number or phone contacts which has been a key differentiator for the digital wallet.  The program encourages customers to send money to friends through Oxigen, India’s first p2p money transfer app to win cashback on the basis of new app sign ups by recipients. There are myriad prizes to be won throughout the program including a Royal Enfield Thunderbird bike and the iPhone 6.

As per the Give Selfishly program, each time an Oxigen Wallet customer sends money (as low as Re1) to his friend’s mobile number, the recipient just needs to download & sign up with Oxigen Wallet app & the sender will get a cash back of Rs.10 in his wallet with maximum cash back worth Rs.100. Apart from this, there are a bunch of daily, weekly & bumper prizes to be won in the whole program.

Ankur Saxena, CEO of Oxigen Wallet commented,This program is an effort to boost the key feature of Peer to Peer Money Transfer among users and also spread more awareness about the product. Considering the penetration of smartphones in the country, we want more and more people to secure their money by going cashless and reap the benefits of mobile wallet technology.”

According to the rules of the program, one winner will be selected everyday on the basis of new app sign-ups for a cash prize worth Rs.200 in his Oxigen wallet. Ten winners every week can win vouchers worth Rs. 1000 for brands like Yepme and Mynta. Once a user has referred more than 10 new app sign ups, he becomes eligible for a range of bumper prizes. There is a Score board which dynamically shows the top users based on the no. of app signups daily, weekly & for the whole program. The top 6 users in the program will be eligible for the following prizes:

  1. First prize – 1 Royal Enfield Thunderbird
  2. Second & Third prize – 2 iPhone 6
  3. Fourth, fifth, six prize-  3 watches

Oxigen Wallet is India’s first p2p money transfer app that allows you to send and receive money through popular social channels like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter etc.  Oxigen Wallet also enables you to send money to any mobile number or bank account in India. Instantly!  Today, over 3 Million people are doing over 1 lakh transactions a day using Oxigen Wallet.

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