Getting to Grips with the Nintendo Super Nt

Recently, Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. This amazing piece of technology meant that you could go back and play 21 of your favourite 16-Bit SNES games in all their pixelated glory. While this was certainly a step in the right direction, the question then was, well what about all the other Nintendo games? If, like most people, you still have a whole stack of Super Nintendo games lying around, the good news is that the Super Nt will let you enjoy them all on your flat screen HD television, making staying indoors even more fun.

Play Every Nintendo Game in High Definition

The Super Nt is the follow-up console to the Analogue Nt, which came out as a clone of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The Analogue Nt featured upgraded hardware and connectors to allow you to play classic 8-bit cartridges on a modern flat screen television with a few less ports. The new Super Nt also features upgraded connectors in the form of and HDMI cable instead of the five analogue wires. It also contains a custom chip, which gives it the ability to project the pixelated games onto your HD screen. This means the quality of games is almost as good as those you’d enjoy when playing the online pokies NZ has to offer, only in a whole different way.

When it was released, the Analogue Nt wowed users with its sleek look, having been machined from a single block of aluminium. While this was certainly eye catching, it moved away from the classic design we all know and love. The Super Nt looks and feels more like the classic US Super Nintendo, blending in stylings of the Super Famicom Japanese model as well. This is appropriate given the fact that you can play carts from both systems from any region in the world, since the region block has been removed.

Classic Nintendo Styling

Currently, the Super Nt comes in four nifty designs with dynamic colour schemes modelled on the US Super Nintendo as well as the Famicom unit. To add to this, Nintendo has carried over the propriety controller ports to the front of the console. If you have old controllers that are still working, you can happily plug them in start playing straight away. The console also comes with Bluetooth, which means that you can ditch the wired controllers for more versatile wireless versions. The only problem is that the unit is not sold with any controllers.

Price is a Factor

With the unit starting at $190, wireless controllers for the Super Nt will set you back another $50. If you don’t have your original SNES controllers lying around, you will need to factor this into the pricing. There are four custom designed SN30 wireless controllers that you can buy; it just means that the Super Nt works out a lot more expensive than the Super Nintendo Classic Edition.

Since we now know that the Classic Edition can be hacked to include more than the 21 bundled games, paying a higher price for the Super Nt might seem a bit excessive. However, if you don’t want to go through the effort of finding ROMs for the game already own, getting your hands on the Super Nt is a great way to scratch the nostalgic itch.


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