Furniture Dekho: End to End service provider is a concept borne out of young & creatively gifted entrepreneurs who have leveraged technology to create a niche in the unorganized furniture & home interior industry.It is aimed for perfection and by all means kept very simple in its day-to-day activities.  Having available different and specific categories along with professional customer support and ease of an online marketplace.

Many a times people buy a new home but could not afford an interior designer and had to end up for the regular designing for their house. Most of the people who buy a house have many unsolved questions in mind, starting from things like, how would they customize their house? Where can they find it? Can they get it under a certain quality?

People have to roam around a lot to dig for their preferred furniture, dealing with heat, rain, pollution, bargaining with the shopkeeper etc., and this almost leads to chaos.What if there is a solution for all this, people can buy as well as sell their furniture without having to step outside of their house, sitting at one corner of the house, leisurely, through an online marketplace where they can  compare the products and buy them at a reasonable has emerged as a one-stop solution for all the Furniture & Home Interior related consumer needs.

Furniture dekho is an intermediate to furniture store owners or manufacturers who do not have either the expertise or the financial capacity to have an online presence.Small and micro enterprises, instead of having visibility or reach limited to their own area, they can empanel on and get their own online furniture store and reach out to their fast-growing 30,00,000+ captive audience and start selling instantly without paying any commission or fees.

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