Digital signage everywhere!

Digital signage in hospitality

Digital signage can help hotels connect and communicate with their guests by highlighting in-facility amenities and services, along with the availability and schedules of local activities, events and eateries.  Typically deployed in the lobby and other high-traffic or waiting areas, large-screen signage systems help inform guests and visitors about all options inside and outside the facility. Digital signage solution makes it easy for Hotels and Resorts and their integrators to deploy a signage network across multiple facilities. Digital signage has a big role to play in the brand building and positioning of any hotel.

Digital signage in banking

Benefit of using digital signage in banking is, it reduces perceived waiting time for customer. Any bank suffers from customer dissatisfaction due to long queues. To handle this situation digital signage can be integrated with Live TV application which keeps the waiting customer entertained. Digital signage breaks the clutter of notice boards which most of the time go unnoticed.

Digital signage for transportation

At airport, railway station, bus-stop or a metro, there is a huge number of people who are waiting at these places for their bus, train, etc. This is when they are completely bored and most approachable to any communication sent. In addition to ads, other safety messages, timetables, delay information, news and social welfare messages can be shown on these displays. New generation digital signage has now made it possible to install remotely controlled digital screens within trains, buses and other means of transport.

Digital signage in Entertainment

With the help of digital signage you can convert your multiplex into a multimedia entertainment center, a sort of local cultural hub. Digital signage can be used to attract more visitors generate more revenue and efficient customer service.

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