Bihar Elections heats up on Twitter

New Delhi, India, October 15, 2015: On Monday, October 12, 49 constituencies in Bihar came out to cast their votes to decide the fate of Bihar’s next government, and Twitter continued to be the place to catch all the action surrounding the Bihar Elections (#BiharElections).With over 820,000 elections-related Tweets in the past 30 days, Twitter proved to be the best place to see the breaking news, to discuss a diverse range of topics, and to watch the political heat wave rise as the campaign unfolded.

“Twitter is the go-to platform for election related conversations and news in India, & our users are actively seeking information and different views about the Bihar Elections. Twitter enables Indians to get real-time election updates and feel the pulse of the election through authentic connections between politicians and voters,” says Raheel Khursheed, Head of News, Politics and Government, Twitter India.

The first Polling phase saw nearly 57% voter turnout (as per the Election Commission of India). The state is now gearing up for the second phase of voting on October 16, 2015, and over the coming weeks, political leaders will be actively participating in conversations with opponents and voters on Twitter.

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