Best Apps for Football Insight Ahead of the New Season

The dawn of the new Premier League season is rapidly approaching, and with 380 games – all of which will define the future of every team in the league. The opening night of the league represents the start of new opportunities to place bets on England’s elite teams and win big, and for experienced bettors, using the best apps for football insight will be a crucial key to winning on a regular basis.

It is often difficult to know which apps are trustworthy when it comes to getting live odds and insights into important football matches. Luckily, Google Play’s rating system and download volume stats have made it easy to find the best apps for football fanatics.

The ‘big three’ ahead of 2017/18

Three apps in particular stand out as vital ‘signings’ for an Android or iPhone:

  1. Infogol

As a well-received app which is ever-growing in popularity, Infogol gives users the very latest scores and statistics, but that is just the beginning. As well as having the latest odds in key markets, from a multitude of trusted, well-known bookmakers, the team at Infogol has also created an ‘Expected Goals’ function, whereby users can glean the most likely outcome of their selected games. This could be an exceptionally-useful tool within the app, as prediction technology continues to evolve into a new decade.


Screenshot from Google Play – 18/7/17

  1. Bet Calculator

As well as the standard conversions and single bet calculations, this app enables users to calculate the potential payout from accumulators, Lucky 15 / 31 / 63 bets, Trixies Goliaths and more. The football league season has yet to begin, but there are also some key Champions League qualifiers on the way, and these can be a potential goldmine, with so many seeded teams apparently set for victory. Indeed, any accumulator of many matches, all backing an unseeded side to score en-route to defeat, can see some unbelievable potential payouts become a possibility. To that end, this app cannot fail to inspire!

  1. Flick Kick Football

This app is one of the most addictive games around. Using only fingers, users can drive, curve and power the ball past defenders and into the goal with a deft touch of the screen. There is also a multiplayer mode for those who want an extra competitive experience. Animations also have more than a hint of retro kitsch, which means that players of all ages are guaranteed hours of fun. Users can also customise their own team kit and ball for a real sense of ownership!

Carpe Diem!

Those who love to place bets through apps need not wait for the start of the new Premier League season. Already, there is every opportunity to ‘seize the day’, with a glut of Champions League qualifiers and International Champions Cup games still to come. With the deadliest strikers on the planet taking part in the latter tournament, bettors, fantasy managers and data geeks alike have much to look forward to – and these apps provide superlative sports satisfaction!

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