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To ensure women’s safety & empowerment are very important, but they are a part of a gradual ‘generational’ process. This time taken for the change certainly cannot be allowed to be an excuse for a continuing culture of assaulting potentially half our citizenry! Even the necessity of strict regulatory framework, stringent implementation and a faster dispensation of justice is, again, an extremely important ingredient of this cause. Notwithstanding these, the question still remains: what about the ‘Here and Now’?

The limited fear of conviction (the low rates of this are self-explanatory) and subsequent punishment are typically low on deterrence value for the typical low-on-intelligence male predominantly seen to indulge in sexual violence, the solution does seem to lie in an ‘intervention-capable’ system that looks not to punish the guilt ex-post-facto, but to anticipate the incident before it happens, or at least in its early stages, and prevent it, thus saving the potential victim! ‘Minority Report, anyone?’

An Internet-of-things start-up seems to have thought this through and have come up with a credible solution. Their Smart Solution, Xelvi, is a wearable- mountable camera, with a cloud-based live-streaming facility, does allow the user to keep the near & dear ones in the picture, literally! Armed with an HD camera, an ultra-small GPS unit, and many in-built sensors you are never alone in your moment. Share access to your Xelvi with your near-and-dear ones so that they can monitor your cab, bus, or train journey through your friendly eye. You can mount it on your helmet, clip it to your sleeve, or pin it like a brooch on your coat.

Founded in December 2013 by US based technology entrepreneur Sanjay Sinha, XVidia was conceived in San Francisco, California, US. A Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Illinois (Chicago), Sanjay Sinha is known for his ahead-of-the- times understanding of the internet industry. By an estimate, XVidia already has close to a 100,000 devices – cameras, signage screens, household appliances etc. – on IOT. Considering XVidia has a seemingly super-ambitious target of controlling, streaming, and analyzing data from 1 billion devices by 2020, this is a small step. XVidia technologies believes this is quite achievable, since initiatives like ‘Smart Cities’ and ‘Digital India’ heavily depend on IOT. Moreover, while XVidia controls devices across nearly 133 districts in 19 states of India; this is only for niche corporate giants from Telecom and Banking.

For the mountable camera, again, backed by cloud-based live streaming, potentially to a control centre for the law enforcement agencies, or the cab operator agency, the occasion it provides for an intervention is important! A recent post from the company states, “We are in talks with major cab and auto operators/aggregators to install our LIVE camera surveillance solution in each and every taxi”.

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