How to backup Android phone without rooting

If you are ready to upgrade your Android phone or if you wish to factory reset your smartphone then certainly the first thing that should be your top consideration is to backup your device. Whether your device is root or not rooted, in this article we will perform a back of your Android phone even if your phone is not rooted at all.

Rooting has its own advantage obviously but not everyone bears that fact to lose their warranty. In that case, backing up can be a little challenging but in this article, we will resolve that mystery and will show how to back Android phone without rooting. Making a backup of your phone is absolutely necessary since you never know when your phone simply crash down but at least you can restore the backed-up data on your new device.

Why should I create a full backup of my Android device?

This is one of the most basic question every Android user ask themselves if they need a backup or not for their device. Factually, it depends on how much data you have stored on your phone and whether you care of their existence or not. Yet, these are the following reasons why you should always create a full backup of your Android device:

  • Restore data in case of data loss.
  • Typically, you are creating a restore point for your device.
  • You’re safe and secure reckoning the privacy of your data.
  • Recover files whenever your phone crashes or malfunctions.
  • Make a clone of your phone whenever you buy a new smartphone.
    If you want to access the data on your computer.

Solution #1: Backup Android Devices with Google Account.

Perhaps the easiest way to backup your phone data is to make use of your Google account or utilizing Google Drive app. Google allows you to upload up to 2GB of data on their server and access them from anywhere in the world. Android smartphones has this app in-built but in case you don’t have then use the following steps to backup your phone to Google Drive account.

Step 1. Go to Google Play Store and install the Google Drive app on your phone.
Step 2. Open the app and sign in to your favorite Gmail account.
Step 3. Your Google Drive is now ready to use. Simply click on the “+” icon to upload data from your phone and upload them directly to your Google Drive.
Step 4. Make sure sign out from your device so that no one can access your files.


  • Works only with photos, videos and contacts.
  • A stable and super speed internet is required to avoid any data upload failure.
  • Google has the right to remove your files without your authorization for no reason.

Solution #2: Backup Android Phone to PC.

One of the safest place to keep a backup of your phone is computer and laptops. In this part, we will be using TunesBro Android Manager which is an intuitive and creative software developed to backup Android phones without rooting. You only need to install the program on your computer, establish a connection between your phone and software then backup your entire phone with a single click. You can literally backup every data from your phone and keep them on your computer in any hard drive partition you wish.

Supported files to back up – music, video, photo, SMS, contacts, app, call logs, documents, files, etc.
Compatibility – Mac & Windows operating system.

Additional features

  • Root your device.
  • Transfer data from phone to PC and vice versa.
  • Erase old data.
  • Mirror your device.
  • Play Android apps and games on PC.
  • Desktop SMS assistant.
  • And much more.

MobileGo Working –
Step 1. First download the trial version of this tool and install the program on your computer by simply finishing with the setup wizard.
Step 2. Run the program as soon the installation is completed and connect your Android to PC with Wi-Fi network or USB data cable.
Step 3. Make sure to enable USB Debugging mode on your device if it is not recognized by the program.
Step 4. On the main screen of the program, simply click once on “One-click Backup”.


Step 5. Choose the types of data that you wish to back up, locate the output folder and click on “Back up”.


That’s all! You will be able to track the backup progress in real time and after it is finished, you will have a full backup of your device saved on your PC.


You can also backup individual items such as contacts, text messages, photos. This is great to only backup important data as a full back take longer time. It will be a bit hard for data restore too.


As you can already observe, we have learned how to backup Android phone in 2 ways even if you wish not to root your device. TunesBro offers much more than just a backup solution. You can pretty much control your entire Android device from PC. It is absolutely free to install, so we will recommend to download the program on your computer and enjoy the benefits of this program.

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