Axis Softech Technology changes the face of Travel and Tourism Industry with its versatile Travel Products

Axis-Softech-TechnologyNew Delhi, India, September 15, 2015: Axis Softech Pvt. Ltd proffers travel portal solutions, which are customized according to needs of travel agents, agencies and companies. Developing travel portals with comprehensive integration of APIs at competitive price has been a unique proposition of the company. The company also guarantees cheapest ticket fares to travel agents and agencies for flight, hotels, buses and cars as well as the best commissions & discounts on industry wide fares. Primary target audience of the company are Travel Agents, Agencies, B2B Travel Agencies, Hotel Booking Agencies, Bus Booking Agencies, Car Booking Agencies, companies dealing into travel and tour business as well as corporate with internal travel desk.

Model of Business

B2C and B2B business models are being followed at Axis Softech. Presently, six B2C, one B2B product and one B2E products are rolled out by the company under brand name, “Safari”. The company has worked for each and every type of clients and delivered its all products in this industry. Axis Softech is proud that it has highest number of clients in this segment; today we have more than 60 live portals which are efficiently operated by Travel Agents and Agencies which gives us immense satisfaction that all clients were highly satisfied with our products.

New Products in Pipeline of Axis Softech

We are launching new products that have enriched features where customer can easily book Flight+Hotel, Hotel+Car, Flight+Car domestic & International and some more innovative products that will be helpful for travel agents, agencies and consumers also, which in itself shall add value and act as a marketing tool to us.

How we are different in this segment among competitors?

We are different from our competitors because we provide range of products which fits to the budget and requirement of our customers, also we guarantee cheapest fare for tickets to travel agents and agencies of flight, hotels, buses and cars. We also provide best of the commissions & discounts on our fares industry wide.

Scope for Axis Softech

There are still lot of travel agents/agencies and other small players in this industry who do not realize the importance of technology to their business. We have to make awareness among these people. For this our dedicated sales team, digital team, customer support team, back end team are doing various activities such as we provide live demo, seminars, conference, social media messages, e-mail to these people, so that we would able to make them understand that it is time to evolve and go with new technology so that they would generate more revenues from their business. Total online market presently is still less than 30% of the total available market size which is growing with CAGR of 30-35%.

Future Plan

As Indian Tourism Market is poised to have a fervent growth rate, the company envisions offering a versatile range of products that caters to emerging needs of the industry. It is looking forward to acquire more than 80% of Travel Technology market within India and quickly expand in other growing Global markets such as Middle East, Europe and America. Axis Softech aims to be one of the largest global travel technology providers.

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