Are Online Lotteries in India Real or a Scam?

Winning a jackpot is something that every individual would have dreamt about at least once in their lifetime. A lottery promises to provide an answer to everyone’s financial needs and helps in providing a secure future for those who choose to invest their winnings wisely. Ever so frequently we come across stories of individuals winning a huge sum of money in a lottery, and immediately wish that someday we too might win a big lottery.

Lotteries in India were considered illegal under the British rule. But since independence, many states have slowly legalized the sale of lottery tickets. As of now, 13 states in India allow the sale of physical lottery tickets for state sponsored draws. It is only natural that people residing outside those states feel a bit left out in this game of luck. Recently, however, with the introduction of online lottery in India, everybody has a chance to try their luck at the lottery game.

By now, almost everyone must have received at least one email or an SMS saying that you have won a huge sum of money in some unheard draw, and you have to click on a link to claim the prize. The link inadvertently turns out to be a scam, as the so called `lottery executives´ ask you to deposit money in the name of administrative expenses and the unsuspecting individuals end up losing money. While this holds true when you have not bought any ticket, there are instances when individuals have got lucky and won prizes via online lotteries.

There are many reputed international websites which are currently offering lottery players from India, a chance to buy their favourite lottery online, and have a shot at winning millions in prize money. While there is always a chance of getting scammed by some unknown sites offering fake lotteries, most reputable websites offer a safe option to play with.

Safer than physical lottery tickets

There have been examples in many Indian state lotteries, where the ticket bought by an individual turns out to be fake. This is because there are many fake lottery ticket rackets that mix fake tickets with real ones. Because of the huge developments in printing technologies, criminals can now print fake tickets which are almost as good as authentic tickets and impossible to differentiate. The only way you realize that it is fake is when you go to claim a prize and the ticket is scanned.

But when buying a lottery ticket online, you can do a complete research of the site from which you are planning to buy the ticket from. It is quite easy to spot a fake site by looking at the layout.

It is easier to secure the financial and personal details of a player buying lottery tickets online. All reputed sites are secured by SSL encryption which makes it extremely hard for potential hackers to steal data from such sites.

Majority of online lottery sites are licensed by gaming authorities in countries from which they operate. Malta Gaming Commission and UK Gaming Commission are some of the gaming authorities which regulate online lottery providers. This means they are regularly audited to ensure that all the tickets are sold authentically and the prizes are paid as advertised.

Taking precautions while playing online lottery

While playing lottery online is completely safe when buying from authentic sites, it is important to take some simple precautions in order to avoid any untoward events.

Always use a personal computer and avoid buying lotteries using public computers, as this increases the chances of hackers stealing your personal data.

Research the site properly before transacting with them.

Change passwords regularly and use tough passwords in order to avoid someone else from gaining access into your account.

Open links only from known sources and avoid sharing personal information with unknown or similar sounding websites or email id’s.

In conclusion, it is absolutely safe and legal to play lottery online, provided you are dealing with reputed websites. You can buy any international lottery of your choice and stand a chance to win millions of dollars!

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