Application modernization through cloud-enablement of on-premise Test Automation & Process Management Software

Cloudhouse-Technologies-LogoLondon, UK, November 6, 2014: Cloudhouse Technologies, a leading provider of Cloud Application Virtualization solutions for Windows applications, extends T-Plan’s suite of Software Test Automation & Process Management by provisioning a cloud-enabled version of their Test Management application; T-Plan Professional.

T-Plan was beginning to lose market share to web technologies that offered similar, albeit less sophisticated, services that were more easily consumed by disparate testing and development teams. They needed a proposition that could be delivered in the Cloud but that preserved their best-of-breed, consistent and structured software experience and it was imperative that the Cloud variant continued to support the testing community at a project and a corporate level.

Cloudhouse worked with T-Plan to virtualize their Test Management Suite. This removed platform dependencies and facilitated centralized application management and deployment. Cloudhouse also provisioned the mobility of, and remote access to, databases, whilst simultaneously protecting the user experience, to provide a secure, reliable and accelerated connection between T-Plan’s application and the database, regardless of database location.

T-Plan CEO, Charlie Wheeler, commented: “On paper, Cloudhouse seemed to present an ideal solution to our issue but I struggled to believe they would be able to deliver as advertised.” He continues: “I was delighted to be proved wrong! It took just three weeks from our first call to delivery of a fully cloud-enabled addition to our product portfolio.”

As a result of working with Cloudhouse, T-Plan now have a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) provision for their Test Management Suite and can deliver a full and functionally-rich client/server application via the medium that best supports their customer. This can be a centrally managed and hosted solution in the Cloud, or an on-premise installation. This approach has also enabled availability of a hosted 30 day trial, subscribed to via the T-Plan website. All trials are fully managed via a branded portal.

Uniquely, Cloudhouse enables T-Plan to offer the option of maintaining client data in the cloud, or on-premise; whilst also being able to have the application itself centrally deployed via the cloud. T-Plan Test Management Suite customers can centrally deploy SaaS whilst retaining the option of storing data within the client network. It’s this “flick of a switch” flexibility of data storage that really sets the T-Plan solution apart.

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